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Which Subjects Should Get More Attention From Schools?


Around the world, the subjects that schools teach to our children are always the source of controversy to some degree.  Whether it is the method schools use teach a topic, or the specific elements of each subject, you can usually find a raging debate. Sometimes, when it comes to areas such as religious studies, some people even call for complete abolition of teaching.

We’ve looked at it from the other side of the fence. We want to explore the subjects that we feel schools should be dedicating more time to. This is what we found.


For something that is such a huge part of life, the way music suffers from neglect in many educational institutions is nothing short of criminal. Almost everyone has an affinity with music in some respect, and this often starts to come about from a young age.

Although it might be impractical to expect a school to pay out for enough instruments so that everyone can have their own during a lesson, you would think that an effort could be made to facilitate small groups so that there is at least some musical interaction from a young age, and then all the way through schooling.


There is a trend here, with performing arts consistently missing out in favor of academic areas. We’re not about to start calling schools out on this, because we understand the importance of English, Maths, Science, and other core subjects that are studied with greater focus.

The problem with drama, however, is that many children will not discover it, or realize they have a talent, unless they have the opportunity to indulge in the subject at school.

Going to drama club during the evening or weekend isn’t cool when our mates are playing football or hanging out at the shopping center, so it is vital that schools lead the way and ensure that more time is given to the subject.

Physical Education

The controversy surrounding physical education (PE) is not something that is new. We are constantly hearing in the media about the ‘global obesity epidemic’ and the ‘ticking time-bomb’ that global health represents, and the next report is often about how little activity children get at school.

Usually, the problems in this subject occur because schools don’t want to lower peoples’ self-esteem, for example by making an overweight child do a cross-country run or compete in a ‘bleep test.’

Practical Subjects

The number of children who leave school today without ‘life skills’ is alarming at best. Again, we understand the need to focus on academic areas, but surely taking the time to teach practical things like wiring a plug, putting up a shelf, or organizing a busy home life would have benefits in the longer-term, arguably far above those associated with knowing advanced algebra equations, for example.

That raises the questions of whether schools around the world do a great job of giving children an excellent grounding for later life, and is a huge debate separate from this one.

For now, we’d just like to see a little more love given to the subjects above.

Karl is a passionate musician who firmly believes that more time should be given by schools to music and other ‘fringe’ subjects from an early age, as even one guitar tutorial per week could teach children new skills and inspire them to pick up an instrument in their own time.


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