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5 Destinations For A Fun Family Day Out


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There’s nothing better than getting the family together, piling in the car and heading off into the sunrise. Yes, you hibernating bed bugs, it’s nearing the wonderful British Summer and there’s nothing better than a good family day out!

So here’s a list of some of the best things you can do to ensure a fun family day out.

Animal Park or Zoo

Clear winners with the kids, animals are an easy choice to ensure smiles all round!

Whether it be at  a safari park or a zoo, seeing wild critters in action will have everyone in a good mood, and of course there are the educational benefits as well! Take a camera with you and/or stick around for the wildlife demonstrations that zoos and safari parks often provide, to find out more about your favourite animals.

Head to the beach

Beaches are the perfect summer outing – grab a few towels, the sunscreen, a ball and you’re set!

Just make sure you’ve checked the weather and you’re armed with a hoover for the inevitable sand trails around the car…

Visit a Theme Park

Get ready for a day of excitement, screams and squeals as you explore the wonders of an adrenaline packed amusement park! 

Britain’s covered in theme parks up and down the country, so not only are they fantastic entertainment, but convenient as well!

Visit London

London, the bustling center of the UK; steeped in centuries of history and endless family attractions.

Whether you visit the sensational West End, the famous London Zoo, one or several of the fantastic museums the city has to offer or the London Eye, your trip will certainly be one to remember!

The Countryside

A visit to the country is always a firm favorite with kids and parents alike.

Escape the hustle and bustle of your daily life and enjoy a day of walking, hiking and fishing in the Lake District, or horseback riding in the mountains of Scotland – there’s nothing the United Kingdom can’t offer you!

Whatever you choose to fill your family day out with, it’s guaranteed there will be plenty on offer wherever you go!

Just be smart and plan your day in advance; ensuring you browse for discounted tickets and opportunities to save before you go.

Just remember – there’s nothing better than a fun filled family day out when you can save money whilst you’re doing it!

What ideas for fun family days out have you had in the past? Share them in the comments below.


Laura Charlton is a blogger who loves nothing more than a sunny summer’s day spent in the British Countryside. She writes for Candis.



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