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Ways To Make Traveling With Your Family Easy


From online check-in at airports to rolling luggage, you can find many services and products to make your travels easier. However, it is a different story when you are traveling with your family, especially if you have young children. Here are some tips to help you make travel easier for the adults and more fun for everyone.


Whether you are driving or flying, packing is a key component to easy travels. You don’t want to over-pack, but you don’t want to leave any essentials behind either. It is important to create a list ahead of time, with input from everyone on what to take. This way, you won’t forget something important when it is time to put it all together.

You can plan for long trips by having a separate bag for the essentials.  If you are flying, you may use this as your carry-on or place a smaller bag inside the carry-on luggage. It should be easy to access, especially for kids. You might include snacks, favorite toys, or a change of clothes. This allows you to know right where everything is when you need it.


Your days of being spontaneous when traveling are over, if you have kids. They like routine and need it as much as possible, even on vacation. If you have young children, try to keep them on their usual nap time schedule. You may have to plan for stops to allow them to fall asleep. Mealtimes, snacks and bedtimes are other important routines to try to honor when traveling. This will help keep your kids from getting grumpy because they are hungry or tired.

You also need to try to plan your activities beforehand and allow enough time to complete each one without hurrying to the next thing. Don’t forget to check transportation schedules, so you know exactly when buses or other public transportation makes their stops. It can be easy to get stuck waiting because you couldn’t get your kids out of the hotel on time.

Use Modern Gadgets

While the idea of getting away from it all might appeal to you, it may not get the same reaction from your kids. Be realistic about your expectations for family time and allow items such as portable game systems, tablets and laptops to go along on your trip. You may want to limit their use but they can be great for downtime, which you will also want to plan for.

Use tools to make you’re traveling easier, such as a GPS system for directions or rolling luggage so you don’t have to carry everything and wear yourself out.  These things will help you to get the most out of your trip.


Jake Alexander is a free lance writer who enjoys blogging about travel and vacation. Follow him @JakeAlexander17.



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