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What Not To Do If You Are Going On Vacation With The Kids

You have no choice. Your parents won’t take them, your neighbors are off on holiday, the day care only allows you to leave them for a day; you have no choice. You have to go on holiday with your kids. It’s not to say you don’t love them, or that you don’t want them to have fun too but, well, you know how it is when you travel with kids; things get a bit “complicated”. But, you love them and they are your kids after all so here is a quick list of the sort of things you should not do when going on holiday. Failure to observe this list could result in a very dramatic holiday of the negative and frustrating type.

Kid sleeping on train.

Make last minute arrangements

This one is a big one. It’s easy for adults to just up and leave for Hawaii and figure out everything on the way. If you are traveling with kids, bad move. When you make last minute arrangements, you miss details that can prove rather catastrophic to the enjoyment of your holiday. For instance, you may check into a hotel that does not allow kids but because you made a reservation over the phone, this slipped your mind. You land there and you have nowhere to stay. Carrying some amusements for the kids, ensuring you have first aid, cleaning and damage control kits, all things you will forget to bring along when you make last minute arrangements.

Jet lag

Yes, you suffer from jet lag too but did you know the longer the journey the harder hit a child is by jet lag? Children suffer more from jet lag than adults do so when you plan a trip to a remote part of the planet that requires hours upon hours of flight time, think twice if you have kids with you. If not, when you land, be prepared to deal with a very moody, depressed and dissonant child; perhaps even one who gets flight sick. This could last anything from a day to a few days and this could ruin your entire holiday. If you have to travel very long distances, try and mix up the travel modes. Switch from a flight to a train for instance; kids love novel travel modes and will be all the more lively when you arrive.

Plan grownup only activities

Traveling to Paris? Visiting an art museum is not a picture of fun for a kid. Creating an itinerary for the parents and leaving out the little ones is a sure fire way of running the holiday. You may think they will not care much and that you will just take them along but what will happen is they will get bored and you will get frustrated and this will turn out into an ordeal and not a holiday. Research what activities children have available at your destination. Work this into your itinerary and ensure you allocate sufficient time for child-friendly activities.

Forget their health records or meds

Kids have a knack for getting unwell at the most awkward moments possible. Just when you thought things could not get any better, they go and catch a nasty ear infection that has to be sorted out as a matter of priority. Remember you will not have access to your family doctor or health records as you do at home so being prepared is a must. If you forget to carry their records or medication, you risk either cancelling the remainder of your holiday or finding alternatives, which may very well be unavailable if you are in a remote area. Keep all their medical information and supplies in a bag that you always carry with you when you travel with them.

Not one to follow rules and lists? Don’t worry; traveling with kids will make you into a seasoned list maker and ninja planner. Traveling with kids is more like chaperoning them than just going on holiday for you. But have no fear, one day they will be all grown and you can go back to going on holiday just for you.


Scott Ryan spends his time traveling with his family, writing and playing music from his favorite store, Morris Brothers Music.



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