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3 Great Games You Played As A Kid


As a child, there was a special innocence that came along with being new to the world. Life around us was much more entertaining than it is now. As an adult, this kind of view and reaction to the world is considered “naïve”. Just think about what it takes for us to be entertained! Put an adult outside without any of his or her electronics and that person will quickly become bored. Remember how easily we were entertained as children? Remember the games we used to play and how simple they were? The following are three such games.

  1. Hide and Seek – Possibly the simplest of all childhood games, hide and seek is a perfect example of the curiosity for the world around us we all once possessed. Kids are smaller, which means the world is much bigger. In fact, in hide and seek, the world is their playground. The game is incredibly simple: one kid closes his or her eyes while the other, or others, hide to avoid being found.
  2. Jump Rope – Want to know how easy it is to entertain kids? Give them some rope and they’ll entertain themselves for hours upon hours. The great thing about jump ropes is that they can be used to play by one self or with others. Holding one end in each hand, the object is to swing the rope around your body as many times as possible, jumping every time the rope went below you to avoid breaking the cycle. This can be done with three kids as well, one on each end of the rope while the third jumped in the middle. Endless variations of the game exist, some of which include more than one jump rope as well as songs and rhymes.
  3. Marbles – Unlike jump rope and hide and seek, the game of marbles is a little more complex. It’s a much more high-risk game that can end in real, physical loss for one player. There are hundreds of ways to play marbles, but the basic concept is that one kid plays against the other. The winner takes the marbles from the loser. There’s a lot at stake in a game of marbles, which is why it makes it one of the only games in which kids don’t have to play in order to be entertained: they can watch as spectators!

These are three games that are played by kids all over the world, and will be played by kids all over the world for years to come. They may be simple, but they are incredibly entertaining and are a showcase for the innocence and curiosity that everyone has as a child.


Eric Regan is a writer with a keen interest in travel, cars and technology. He has written for blogs covering all of this topics and much more




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