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Top Ideas For 18th Birthday Treats


The 18th birthday has mostly replaced the 21st as the significant coming of age moment and it is a good idea to make it as memorable as possible for everyone. There are lots of ways you can make a birthday special and an 18th more special than most. If you’re planning a celebration for your child’s 18th then here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Choosing Presents

Well, yes of course all birthdays involve presents but for an 18th you should be aiming for something a bit special. It’s a good idea to choose something enduring like jewellery or a watch; something that the recipient can treasure for many years to come.

A nice extra touch if buying jewellery is to have it engraved as lasting memory of the event. Even if you’re on a tight budget a simple bracelet or a dog tag for boys can be personalized with initials and this process won’t break the bank.

Experience Days

A great way of celebrating an 18th is to give them an experience they won’t forget. There are plenty of options like driving a racing car or going for a helicopter ride that will make for a memorable day. For sports fans you could get a behind the scenes stadium tour pass or tickets to a big event or game.

If you want to do something that friends can be invited to then you could always plan for them to go paintballing or skiing on a dry ski slope.

Parties and Meals

Everyone loves a party and to make a birthday really special you could hire a room or a hall so that the guests can really let their hair down. Surprise parties are good but hard to keep secret; especially for significant birthdays. If you can pull off the required secrecy though it will be something they’ll remember even more.

If the party is not at home you can even hire a limo to ensure the party boy or girl arrives in style. If something more sophisticated than drinks and a disco is in order then book a meal at a restaurant and invite family and close friends.

You can always theme party ideas around the person’s interests. For movie fans you can arrange a trip to the cinema and then perhaps a movie themed party afterwards. Here you could encourage people to dress up as their favorite film characters.

If it’s summer then you could organize an outdoor party with a barbecue or hog roast. Perhaps hire a bouncy castle and allow people to regress to their childhood! In the winter book an ice rink or create your own out of season beach party by booking an indoor pool. Planning a party means that you should consider the weather and take advantage of it if you can.

Outside the Box

If you want something really different then you need to think outside the box. You could arrange a treasure hunt, not in the old fashioned way but in the modern style using geocaching where you give out coordinates for competitors to find using the GPS feature on their smart phones. Arrange for some of the caches to contain party items and finish up at a location for a party or a picnic. This works equally well in cities as it does in rural areas.

Another great idea is to arrange a limousine to take the birthday boy or girl and their friends on an adventure around town. You could arrange it so that they are all picked up and taken on a tour of the town, stopping off at various locations to snap photographs. End at a restaurant where they can enjoy a birthday meal and let their hair down.

There are dozens more ideas that you can employ. Let your imagination run wild. If it’s not going to be a surprise though do make sure you involve your child in the planning and ensure it’s something they’re going to like.

Steven Capocci is a writer who is constantly on the lookout for ways to make a milestone birthday special and he recommends hiring a limo. If your party plans involve limo hire, Leicester companies can provide all you need to make the day memorable.


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