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Why Some Teens Can Eat What They Want, And How Their Body Will Change As They Age

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Getting older is harder for everyone. Whether you are forty years-old and facing middle age, or thirteen and facing your teenage years, there are always obstacles awaiting us as we age. Many adults forget how hard it is to be a teenager. In addition to all of the emotional issues of adolescence, their bodies are also changing in a lot of ways. Some teenagers find that they can eat anything that they want and not gain weight. Other teenagers battle with issues like obesity, and cannot seem to maintain a healthy weight no matter what they do. But despite the differences in the specific people, it is important that teenagers get the nutrition they need as their bodies are growing.

Most teenagers do not eat enough fruits and vegetables, or whole grains and calcium-rich foods. You should bug your parents should try to switch regular pastas, for example, with whole grain versions. You can also try to keep more healthy vegetable and fruit snacks in the house instead of fattier snacks like potato chips. Teenagers also drink too much sugar in soda, and should probably keep it out of the house, it is easy to tell yourself you’re just going to have one glass. Try to drink water instead.

As anybody who has spent time with teens knows, teenagers tend to crave junk food. This isn’t your imagination: many of you are simply following orders from their brain which tells them to seek novelty over health and instant gratification over long term goals. Yet despite eating all those bad junk foods, many teenagers seem to be able to eat whatever they want and not gain weight. A lot of people wonder how that’s possible.

There are a few explanations. To begin, your young bodies simply use more calories than adults bodies do. They also tend to have higher than average metabolic rates, meaning they take that food and turn it into energy and then expend that energy, thereby burning off the calories. But potentially even more important than that, teenagers are generally active. Even the laziest teenagers walk around school all day, participate in physical education and walk to and from their activities instead of driving. This physical activity adds up to more burned calories.

But teens should not grow accustomed to being able to scarf down burgers, fries, soda, and everything else that they eat without suffering the consequences. Many discover this truth for the first time in college – it is commonly referred to as the Freshman Fifteen. Without parents making at least some of their food choices for them, these eighteen years old binge eat on unhealthy food, and pack on the pounds as their lives get less active. This serves as a wake-up call for you into adulthood: pay attention to my diet and exercise and my body will show it, don’t pay attention and your body will get less healthy, fatter, and slower.

You should make good health choices while your bodies are still compensating for them. That is because these habits will carry young people through the rest of their lives. Exercise will not seem like a chore if it your idea, and developing a taste for green vegetables and seasonal fruit will yield benefits for years to come.

 About The Author: When Earl isn’t spending time with his 2 children he likes to train for his next marathon and review products like Putterman covers.


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One thought on “Why Some Teens Can Eat What They Want, And How Their Body Will Change As They Age

  1. I agree with that. I’m a teen and I’m active, but eat a lot junk food, and somewhat skinny.

    Posted by Wolfwolfwolfmeow | May 7, 2013, 9:56 pm

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