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Helping Your Daughter Shop For Her First Bra


One of the major milestones of every young girl’s life involves her first shopping trip to purchase a bra. But the process can be both exciting and intimidating at the same time. Your daughter may be embarrassed, so you will definitely need to ease any worries and fears she may be facing. To help both you and your daughter get through this new chapter in her life more easily, try using some of the pieces of advice listed below. While your daughter may be a little ashamed by her first bra shopping experience, if you ease into it, she will be excited for the next trip.

1. Make the Shopping Experience Fun and Comfortable

You may want to take your daughter to a store, shopping center, or mall that will be a safe place for her to shop for her first bra, where she will be the least likely to run into anyone that she knows, such as friends or classmates. Because shopping for her first bra may be sort of embarrassing for her, if she were to encounter anyone that she knows personally, she would be even more ashamed from having to explain what she is doing there. If she is not embarrassed and is actually proud of going shopping for her first bra because it proves that she is growing up into a young woman, then this obviously would not even be an issue. But in the event that your daughter opens up and tells you her fears, just reassure her that the places you will be shopping at are safe and she won’t need to worry.

2. Look for Teen Bras that are Appropriate for Young Girls

Teen bras, also known as training bras or bralettes, are the type of bras that you should be looking for with your daughter. These don’t contain underwires and are more comfortable for young girls who are first learning how to wear a bra and becoming accustomed to how it feels.

3. Measure Your Daughter at Home First

Before heading out to the stores, measure your daughter at home so that you know the size that you should be searching for once you’re out shopping. This can make the search easier and will help you find the right bra faster. Of course, you should still be there when she goes to try it on in the fitting room to ensure that the size is, indeed, the correct choice and that it fits her body properly, without being too loose or too tight.

4. Try on a Few Different Bras to Find the Right Ones

Make the shopping experience a little more relaxed and easy going by helping your daughter pick out more than one bra that she would like to try on. From that point, she can determine which bra really feels the most comfortable, and she can decide if she likes more than one or wants all of them to take home with her. Choose bras with special designs as well in order to make her feel like she can have a little more fun while shopping.

Lucy Leigh is an expert in all things fashion related – especially women’s fashion. Lucy frequently visits bettyandbelle.co.uk to get great tips and information on choosing the perfect bra.


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