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The 10 Tastiest Fast Food Items For You And Your Family


There is an appeal about takeout food that makes it an ideal way of filling one’s tummy. While there will always be some criticism about the ill effects of take out, also referred to as fast food, many people don’t realize that if chosen wisely, the right set of fast food can be as healthy as regular food that is eaten at a restaurant or at home. It all comes down to choice and even with fast foods, how healthy things can get is still in your hands.

Since there are so many types of fast food types, we thought it might be useful for fast foodies to see what they want to bite into on their next take out menu.


Donuts or doughnuts as they are originally spelled as, are the widely popular treats that are immediately recognized by their round shape. Donuts are also associated as being that treat that is mostly eaten by cops. A depiction that a lot of movies are playing along with! Donuts come in a variety of shapes other than a circle, like filled doughnuts and doughnut with holes.


The Mexican takeout food Burritos may not be as popular as donuts, but they sure are tasty with ingredients that consist of rice cooked in Mexican style, beans with sprinkles of cheese, salsa, meat and sour cream. Depending on the outlet you are taking out the burritos from, the actual ingredients will vary.

Burgers – Chicken

Burgers, short for hamburgers, are another fast food item that is extremely popular across the world. Since everybody should get to eat this tomato, onion filled, laced with mayonnaise for added taste food, there are in fact two versions of this. Chicken burger is the most eaten variants among non-vegetarian consumers. Other non-vegetarian burgers include those that are made with ground turkey meat, which are aptly called turkey burgers.

Burgers – Cheese

Cheeseburgers are those that do not have any meat in them. In this scenario, the meat preparation used in the chicken or turkey burger is replaced with a vegetable preparation. In order to add more taste cheese is added along with the mayonnaise. There are a lot of people who like double cheese burgers were, you guessed, double the cheese is used for that extra taste.


Sandwich is a popular breakfast item and given the ease with which it can be prepared, packaged and taken out, you should not be surprised to find this venerable food item in the list. Sandwich, at its most basic form is a couple of bread slices holding together other food items like vegetables, chicken, cheese and pretty much anything else. If there was ever an argument about healthy fast food, sandwich would lead the charge. It is that good, health wise.


Shawarma has gotten a big boost in its popularity lately, thanks to its appearance in some popular superhero movies. It is a unique meat preparation that owes its origins to the Middle Eastern nations. In structure, it is similar to a sandwich but tastes a lot different.


Think takeout and people immediately think of Chinese food. We would even go to the extent of saying that specific Chinese origin dishes, like Sushi, have been designed from the ground up to be taken out and eaten at the comfort of home. A lot of people thoroughly enjoy Chinese food because it is widely available, and like all things Chinese, it is very healthy too.

Soft Drinks

In a real sense, soft drinks are not food, as in not being solid. If not for that, all other fast food items mentioned in this list, owe something to soft drinks. Everything from pizza to sandwich to grilled twisters taste great with some cola added to the mix. For those who don’t like beverages like beer, cola is pretty much an integral part of every take out order.


We cannot leave a list of takeout food without mentioning pizza. Pizza is the perfect mix of fast food that is also a full meal, because of its size and toppings. In fact, a lot of parties that want to add fun and convenience to the mix, decide to simply go with Pizza because of its nutritious value.

The author likes take away food, especially on those days when work keeps him busy. His preferred pizza destination is lafavoritadelivered.com.


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