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Teaching Children About The Environment

Earth Resting Atop a Leaf

No matter who you are, whether you are a teacher or a parent, teaching young children about the environment is key to any young child’s development – especially during their early years (3-8). Explaining things to children, such as the environment in which we live is a key stage in their development as this could affect their whole outlook and their attitudes toward the environment. A decade or so ago attitudes toward the environment were very different from today and the topic wasn’t so much at the forefront of everyone’s mind. But as global warming has become more of an issue, it’s time to get serious.

As long as there is a positive attitude in place from a young age, and everything has a positive spin on it children will naturally become interested in the topic. If you can make everything a game then you will have the children on board. Also by taking environmental issues seriously, you can also set in place the learning steps for children. If you are also habitual by nature children will naturally copy you and take the issue seriously too.

Easy Ways To Learn About The Environment

The easiest environmental things for children to learn about are reducing waste and recycling and this is easily done by looking at your recycling at home. Most councils now provide homes with different bins for different items of rubbish i.e. a brown bin for glass, a green bin for plastic and a blue bin for paper etc. Although these types of schemes are now proving very successful ensuring that the schemes stay successful can only be ensured if

Everyone Is On Board

Reducing waste means to sort through your ‘rubbish’ to see what products you could recycle or re-use. For example a glass pasta sauce jar, instead of throwing it away you could easily recycle it or re-use it as a coffee jar. By doing this you are effectively cutting down landfill waste.

Most materials such as glass, paper and plastic can be recycled. And recycling plants will then take your rubbish, clean it and turn it into new things. Re-using waste means re-using things that don’t need to be thrown away.

Environmentally Friendly Play

Also another easy way to teach children about the environment is to give them an environmentally friendly play area. These specially designed areas are made out of recycled paper are easy to get hold of, build and maintain. They come in all shapes and sizes and are a great way to learn about the environment for children of all ages.

This article was written by Anthaya Simpson, a play space developer who recommends www.hideouthouse.com.


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