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How You Can Continue To Be There For Your Loved Ones When You’re Gone

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The thought of leaving our loved ones behind is an incredibly painful one and something that most of us try not to think about. Leaving our family to fend for themselves can feel like abandoning them even when it’s not our fault and most of us tend to believe that it’s ‘never going to happen to us’. As such we will often try not to think about our deaths while we’re alive but this attitude can actually be even more negative and destructive if it means that we haven’t prepared for our passing. By thinking about our deaths in a logical and reasonable way, we can prepare for the worst and make sure that even once we’re gone our loved ones will be looked after and feel as though we’re looking out for them. Ironically thinking about our deaths can actually make the thought of them more bearable.

Thinking about death on its own though isn’t going to make matters easier for your family – you also need to actually do something about it. Here we will look at some of the ways you can make sure that you can look after your family even when you’re gone.

Teach Them Good Lessons

This is something that applies in particular to parents but which everyone should think about. When you’re gone you’re going to be remembered by the things that you did in life, but also by the things you said and the advice you gave. You’ll find that long after you’re gone your words ring in the minds of your loved ones and help to guide their actions – so make sure you give good advice that will last them. Likewise try to live by example so that when you’re gone your family friends can make the effort to learn from you and take on your good traits.

Prepare Them Financially

Personal finance

If you have any financial dependents then it’s important that you take out life insurance to make sure that they don’t have to deal with poverty when you’re gone as well. Take out the best kind of life insurance for your situation whether that’s term insurance or whole of life insurance and you can rest easy knowing that there will be money for them when you’re no longer winning the bread.

Likewise you should also make sure that you complete your will and that you keep some savings behind to go to the people who meant the most to you in life. A will will make sure that the right people get the right things but will also help to avoid arguments at a time when your family need to be there for each other. You should also make sure that you don’t have any debt and if possible that you have paid off your mortgage leaving them less to worry about – don’t become a burden on them.

Call On Your Closest

Something else you can do is to make sure you maintain strong friendships in your life so that you can call on your siblings and friends to look after the loved ones you leave behind. Make sure that your children have God Parents for instance and that they maintain a close relationship with them so that they can step in should you be unable to continue to be there in person.


Benjamin Mark, the author of this post, works for a successful life insurance agency and is a keen blogger. He enjoys writing articles and sharing his views and opinions about various insurance policies to readers.



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