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5 Safest Cities For Children In The U.S.

Downtown Des Moines

Parents put a lot of time, effort, and energy into making things easier for their children. They invest in books and videos, parenting courses and after-school programs. Parents constantly try to put their children ahead of themselves. This is no different when it comes to picking a spot to settle down and raise a family.

These five cities are considered to be the safest places to raise a family in America. Based on low crime rates, affordable homes and essential goods, and educational opportunities and standards, these cities offer families safety today and prosperity into the future.

5. Provo-Orem, Utah

The Provo and Orem joint community is a strong college town built around Brigham Young University. Provo and Orem have topped lists for the fastest growing cities in America, as well as ranked in the top 20 cities for low unemployment.

The area boasts a thriving economy, strong schools, a population of young parents with high school education, low home prices, and low crime. Provo and Orem have ranked as the safest communities in Utah for over a decade, despite growing in population.

4. Syracuse, New York

Syracuse is another college town making the list. With a diverse economy, low crime rate, strong school districts, and a strong social system, Syracuse has become a destination for families to raise their children in safety.

Syracuse is close enough to major cities like Buffalo, New York City, Albany, and Philadelphia without feeling too fast or like a suburb. The perfect combination of small town charm combines with big city security and amenities to help Syracuse become a safe city to raise children.

Recently passed laws from the New York State Legislature are focused on improving the safety of all citizens, primarily small children, living in New York.

3. Rochester, New York

Another New York city makes the list based on declining crime rates, stronger laws regulating criminals and firearms, and a wealth of educational opportunities for children of all ages.

What pushes Rochester above Syracuse for safety is the traffic. Rochester residents spend less time commuting to work and school, helping to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries. Rochester ranks in the top 10 for cities with the shortest commutes.

2. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Many people forget Harrisburg is the capital of Pennsylvania. While it may not have the name recognition and professional sports history of Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, Harrisburg does boast being the second safest city to raise a family in America.

Harrisburg ranks in the top 10 cities with a low crime rate. Harrisburg is in the top 25 for home prices, school districts, employment prospects, and medium income. Harrisburg combines small town neighborhoods with big city excitement, helping parents find cultural and entertainment opportunities to please any child, regardless of interests.

1. Des Moines, Iowa

The safest city to raise a family in the United States is Des Moines, Iowa. Des Moines is boosted to the top spot on the back of a low crime rate, short commutes, quality school districts, and colleges. Des Moines has a diverse and bustling economy fueled by more than agriculture.

Des Moines has become a progressive hub over the past twenty years, leading to improvements to make the area more family friendly. Traditional values blend seamlessly with progressive ideas to create the perfect place to raise a family in safety and security.


Kenneth Bentley is a crime analyst who enjoys sharing with his readers some of the crime rate statistics, both high and low, from different parts of the United States. Kenneth has also contributed to Top Criminal Justice Degrees, a great resource for finding a quality education in criminal justice.



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