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How To Tell If Your Child Has A Learning Disorder


Having children is a huge responsibility and there are lots of worries and concerns. Heath matters can always be a worry and it is often hard to know whether to both a GP with problems or not. However, if you do not get help then things cannot be resolved.

Spotting Possible Symptoms

A learning disability could be something that does not show up very quickly. It may not be apparent until the child starts learning to talk or even until they start school. Even then you may not be sure whether they are just a bit immature or whether they might be a more serious problem there.

If they are your eldest or only child, then you may not know what normal behavior is like and so may not pick up on a learning disability. You may find that a nursery school teacher or primary school teacher might mention that there is a problem. The child may be behind the rest of the class or showing problems with specific subjects.  Some parents find this very difficult to take and because they love their child will not want to accept that there is a problem. However, this could be a sign.

Of course, being behind the rest of the class may just mean they are not as quick to learn and have nothing to do with a learning disability. There are a lot of them as well as so picking up individual symptoms can be difficult to do. This is especially true for things like autism which have many symptoms, some of which children without the condition can get.

Getting A Diagnosis

If you have any suspicions at all, then it is a good idea to start by seeing your GP. Explain to them what you or others have observed and see whether it is possible to have any sorts of tests. This may be something that they agree to or something that they may not. Often if you explain that school are concerned, then they are more likely to do something about it.

If your GP cannot help, then it can be worth speaking to the special needs teacher at school as they may be able to advise you where to go next. Unfortunately, without a diagnosis, school are unlikely to be able to provide very much extra help. You may need to go to a private company to get your diagnoses. This will cost money but it can be worth it.

So the first step in sorting out a learning difficulty is recognizing that it could be a possibility and identifying symptoms. Then it is necessary to get a diagnosis before any treatment can be done. It is important to remember that there is nothing wrong in having a child with a learning disorder. It is something that is quite common and it is possible for them to get lots of help and to progress well through school. It is just a matter of finding out what the problem is and getting a professional diagnosis.

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Kristine is a content writer with a MNS. She is also a passionate blogger who occasionally contributes resourceful articles to Medisato.


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