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The 6 Best Websites For Playing Online Games


The gaming world has become a culture of its own. With die-hard followers, online games continue to rise in popularity. Whether you’re proud of your level 60 badge who can shoot a fireball faster than a speeding bullet or you enjoy stomping your competitors in a game of online poker, you definitely aren’t alone in the world of online gaming. The following six websites are the top gaming sites on the web for finding awesome games to play and getting tips and walkthroughs from fellow gamers.

1. Yahoo! Games
No matter what your game of choice, Yahoo! Games has something for you. Choose from arcade, board, card, puzzle and word games. With over 1500 online games available, Yahoo! makes it possible to play games straight from their website or download them onto your computer.
2. Zynga
Boasting the most unique monthly visitors among online game websites, Zynga is easily one of the most popular gaming websites around. Dubbed the social network gaming hub, Zynga offers many online social games, along with Facebook and Google+ app style games. Zynga also offers Android app games for gamers on the go.
3. Pogo
Pogo is easily one of the most popular gaming websites, according to their 17 million monthly users. Pogo users enjoy free online game play, with their selection covering many different game genres. Their wide selection of casual games, board games, sports games, card games, etc. make Pogo the go to place for free online gaming.
4. IGN
IGN doesn’t offer thousands of online games for download like some of the other sites on this list. However, it has earned its spot on the top gaming sites list. With game previews, trailers, reviews, cheat codes and walkthroughs, IGN is the top reference guide for online gamers. It’s no wonder they have over 18 million unique visitors per month.
5. GameSpot
Another reference style game website, GameSpot offers a lot of the same features as IGN. They feature game trailers, walkthroughs, cheat codes, FAQs, feature stories and a game rating system that provides users with a six month overview of the best games on the market.
6. Game FAQs
Game FAQs specializes in assisting gamers through the toughest online games on the web. With customized FAQ sections, cheat code lists and walkthroughs, Game FAQs is the online reference guide for the net’s most difficult games. Offering game guides ranging from Playstation 3 to Atari 2600 games, Game FAQs has you covered.
Whether you’re a casual online player or a dedicated, hard-core gamer, these top six gaming sites can help you find what you need. If you’re looking for a website that offers thousands of mind-numbing games or you need a hand to hold as you make your way through that tough, level 50 dungeon, these websites have your back.

This article is written by Peter Brown, an Entertainment blogger and Professional writer currently living in Colorado.


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