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3 Fabulous Toys To Gift Your Kid This Birthday

Children are innocence and gaiety combined, and the most wonderful creatures gifted to us. So why not gift them something special during the happiest day of their life, the day they were born. It is always a tough decision, the gift purchasing part. You are usually left apprehensive as to whether or not your kid will like the present. But there is no need to fret, since help is at hand. Here are four fabulous toys your child will absolutely love to play with.

Ecofriendly Book and Memory Game Gift Pack: If you are worried about your kid’s brain development by the time he comes of age, this will be the perfect gift. It contains a lovely memory game that will test your child’s mettle at a very young age. Additionally, the gift also contains a story book that explains the importance of the conservation of trees, recycling, and saving electricity; in short, it teaches the child to take care of the world we live in. This knowledge box costs just $35. • Bean Bag: By the time your child starts comprehending the world around him, he would start wanting stuff that he can call his own. He might already have his very own room, complete with a bouncy little bed and a sleek television set. So why not purchase a funky little chair, different from all other chairs in the house. A bean bag fits the bill, and this is one cute little settee. Let your kid laze on it whenever he feels like it, and jump on it as much as he wants. This gift pack also comes with some unconventional window decals so that he can decorate his room. The present retails at $80.

Lunch Gift Pack: School is fun. But unfortunately, we realize this fact only after we graduate. Help your child realize this fact early on by presenting this colorful lunch pack and a funky water bottle. These cute little things will certainly inspire your kid to go back to school after a long vacation. The water bottle is multipurpose. Your child will enjoy sipping milk through it too. It is made of stainless steel, and unlike other polycarbonate cups, it is BPA-free. The lunch bag is aesthetically insulated with a storage pocket. Whatever happens, this gift simply won’t disappoint any child. It retails at just $32.

Widget Bath Mat and Sponges Gift Pack: Kids obviously hate to bath. They will avoid getting themselves wet with clean water as much as they can. They have an inborn affinity towards muddy water. But there is no need to run behind them every morning in order to drag them in the tub. They will run towards it! This non-slip bath mat and the groovy little sponges will lure them in there. The mat will keep the kid from slipping during a thorough bath. And the sponges will keep the kid’s hands busy, allowing you to do what is necessary to keep him clean. This entire set retails at $30. Each of these gifts is made of non-hazardous materials, since the safety of your child is our first concern. They are certain to keep your kid engaged for long hours, giving you free rein to do what you want.


Richard Dunn is a happy go lucky person and a father of two. He has been blessed with two daughters and he pampers them with girls gifts and toys. In his spare time, he likes to read out stories for them and has got an envious collection of storybooks.



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