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Charity Sporting Events Can Change Your Community’s Life!

There’s nothing like a local charity sporting event to bring people together. Children and adults alike will love being part of it and it will encourage some healthy competition that the spectators will love! It is common for people to put on events such as this for charity – whether it’s a gymkhana, a football match or an egg and spoon race it’s brilliant for the community. Loads of money gets raised and people have a lot of fun in the process. If you have been put in charge of planning a sporting event then your mind will be boggled by all the things there are to think about. You need to read our helpful guide!

First Things First!

Your immediate job is to decide what will happen at the event. Be creative – the zanier it is the more spectators you are likely to pull in – which means more money for your charity! Think about offering a range of games to suit everyone. Children will love egg and spoon races and three legged races and the adults will love proving their skills in a game of football or hockey.

Consider Your Venue

You need to find the perfect venue for your sporting event and this is often a school field or a recreation area. Bear in mind that there will be little or no shelter and you need to take this into account. It’s a good idea to arrange a few temporary shelters such as pop-up canopies. One should be reserved for equipment and scoring, another as an area for people to get changed in and perhaps a third for the spectators. These shelters will be invaluable on the day – they are multi-purpose and suit any occasion. If the weather is particularly hot then people will appreciate a little bit of shade to shelter under, and if the heavens open with an almighty downpour then there’s an area for people to stay dry.


Next you need to think about which equipment you’ll need and the best way to do this is to make a very long list! Leave no stone unturned as you brainstorm every eventuality – you’ll be glad you did. Think about sporting equipment such as balls, markers and goalposts, and also catering equipment too. You’ll raise a lot more money if you can offer some teas and coffees at nominal prices.


Ask people to bring cakes and sweets to sell on a stall (you may need another shelter for this!) and watch your profits go through the roof!

A charity sporting event brings out the best in people – they will love coming together to cheer people on and raise money for your charity. Make sure you do loads of promotion so that everybody knows it is happening – put up posters and make the most of social networking like Facebook and Twitter. Ask local companies to sponsor the event in return for a little advertising and see about getting mentioned on local radio and television.

Enjoy your day and may the best man or woman win!

Nathan Jakes designs car shelters for rhinoshelter.com. He is a happy go lucky guy and is always willing to help people out. He is also an avid blogger and loves reading novels of all genres in his spare time.


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