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Is Leading By Example The Best Way To Teach Morals?


There are people who say that morals are not as good than they used to be. They feel that children are not as well behaved as they were in the past and that because people may not be so religious, they do not have such good moral guidelines. This may or may not be true, but it is worth making sure that your children do grow up with good morals. However, it can be difficult to know how to teach them these morals.

  • Lead by example
    A good way to demonstrate morals is to lead through example. You need to show how to behave well if you want your children to do the same. Children are very easily influenced by others. As they get older than their peers will also have an influence on them, but if they already have a good grounding, then they are more likely to remember them.
  • Give them formal teaching
    It may be worth actually giving them some formal teaching of morals, rather than just expecting them to follow your lead. If you explain to them what good and bad behaviour is and the way that you expect them to behave, then they will have clear ground rules. It can also benefit them if you explain to them why it is important to have good morals as well. They will then understand the reason for good behaviour.
  • Teach through religion
    Some families like to teach morals through religion. There are many religious stories and verses which have good moral messages and reasons for good behaviour. If you are a religious family, then this can be a good way to go about things. It is not necessary though as you can still have morals even if you are not religious. Just because you do not follow a particular faith, it does not mean that you cannot have a set of moral guidelines that you stick to.
  • Set Family morals
    It is important that all of the family agree on their morals. Then they will all be able to stick to them and discipline where necessary to make sure that they are being stuck to. It is good to discuss them and maybe even have a set of expected behaviors based on the morals so that everyone is certain how to behave. This means that adults in the family will know what to do so that they can set a good example to the children.
    So there are a lot of things that you can do to teach your children morals. If you do not lead by example then they will have no good behavior to copy. Just because you behave well, it does not mean that they will, but if they have no good behavior to copy, then they will have no idea what to do. It can be good to talk to them about morals and set household rules based on the family’s morals so that you all understand what behavior is acceptable and what is not.

Author Bio
This article has been written by Ella Nichols – Church Volunteer at Mercy Church San Luis Obispo.


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