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5 Fun Uses For Stickers


Stickers are one of the most versatile items ever used. They can be used just for fun, used as labels to identify an article, used as seals or given to a child as a gift. Stickers are inexpensive and eye catching. Stickers can promote a cause or club. They can also start a conversation and make a statement. After all, when you see a sticker, don’t you read it? Stickers are such a multipurpose item, that you will find them used as name badges at corporate conferences but also as name badges at children’s parties.

Calendar stickers

Use stickers on a wall calendar to mark important occasions such as birthdays and appointments. These stickers come in the shape of a cake for a birthday, stethoscope for a medical appointment and teeth for a dental appointment. At just a glance, these stickers will keep you organized!

Bin stickers

To disguise an everyday bin or to jazz up desk or bench top bins, why not cover them with stickers. You can actually get a very large wheelie bin size sticker to cover you council bins. This will add some décor to an otherwise very ordinary bin.

Wall stickers

Stickers can come life sized in the shape of windmills, trees, birdcages, animals; in fact, just about anything. These adhesive but removable and reusable stickers can be used to adorn the walls of any room in the house. These stickers are ideal to make a mural on a child’s bedroom wall.

Mac laptop stickers

Using the Apple logo, there are a range of stickers to make your Mac item unique. There are stickers depicting a worm coming out of an Apple, Snow White eating an Apple and a game of noughts and crosses, using the Apple logo.

Bumper stickers

To make a personal statement, attach a bumper sticker to your vehicle! Many bumper stickers are funny. If you are sitting in traffic behind a vehicle, of course you would read the bumper sticker. It is fun trying to work out what the driver of the vehicle is like, if he has a bumper sticker like that! Bumper stickers can indicate if you belong to a group, what your political views are, what type of vehicle you like or even how many members you have in your family. I am sure you have seen the stick figure family stickers that are so popular at the moment. As an offshoot of these family stickers, there are now Star Wars families, zombie families and many other of that ilk.

If you would like customized stickers, Vistaprint stickers have an amazing range available online. You can choose from bumper stickers, decals and labels. You can personalize these stickers by choosing a shape, a color and text. For business needs, there are also mailing labels, business card stickers, product labels and custom stickers. Name tags are also available in sticker form. Stickers are such a handy item. They have a variety of uses and can be ordered in multiples so you always have them on hand.

Maylene is a stay at home and loves DIY activities for her home and for fun activities. She gets most of her crafts online and uses Vistaprint for stickers and labels specifically as they allow personalized customization to co-ordinate with her home. Interests include traveling, DIY and gardening.


About Dangerous Lee

Writer of essays, short stories and Ask A Black Girl. Author of Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down & The Half Series - When Black People Look White. Webmaster of DangerousLee.biz.


2 thoughts on “5 Fun Uses For Stickers

  1. Senia always dips into the sticker pile at her doctor’s office!

    Posted by Dangerous Lee | May 24, 2013, 2:53 pm
  2. Stickers are also a really great incentive / reward for children during medical visits! I use them all the time with the children I work with. It’s a frest simple way to acknowledge & reward a child post a tramatic proceedure :))

    Posted by Angela | May 24, 2013, 2:16 pm

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