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Heart-Rending Story Of Julia: A Teenage Cancer Survivor

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Cancer is a deadly disease which has claimed many lives over the years. It can spread rapidly to any part of the body and damage cells beyond repair making it almost impossible for recovery. However, there are many miraculous recoveries that give us hope and instill courage in other cancer patients. One such heart-rending story is that of Julia, a 22 year old cancer survivor. Her positive attitude and determination to fight cancer helped her survive this deadly disease.

Initial Diagnosis

Julia had recently lost her father to cancer and so she was very familiar with this disease. Soon after his death, Julia was diagnosed with cancer at an early age of 10. According to Julia, her mother and other members of her family did not tell her about her condition to shield her from the emotional trauma that was certain to follow. But Julia felt that was not a wise decision as it is scarier to be unaware of the condition. It made her want to run away and hide because she knew her family was talking behind her back about something serious that was related to her. She was in pain and it started getting worse. Then as she combed her hair, big brown clumps of hair fell out. This was indeed a very trying time for Julia but she showed maturity that was far beyond her 10 years and she did not complain. Ultimately, her mother had to tell her that she had leukemia. Being a child, Julia did not grasp the gravity of the situation.  All she knew was that cancer was a scary condition that took her father away.

Osteogenic Sarcoma

Julia had an accident when she was playing baseball. The ball hit her knee and she fell down unconscious. She was taken to the hospital where Julia was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma, at 13 years. A tumor was growing inside her knee making it fragile and that it is why her knees gave out causing her to fall and hit her head. Her cancer had returned. She was put on chemotherapy that made her extremely weak. She was given chemotherapy intravenously which made her nauseous, so she had to receive chemotherapy through a port implanted in her chest.

Julia was not allowed to play any contact sports due to her condition. This was very upsetting to Julia. She lost all hope and became depressed. It didn’t help when she received the news from her doctor that he would have to amputate her leg to save her from the cancer and to remove all traces of it from her body. Julia was a budding teenager at that time and this news hit her hard.

Courage, Strength and Love

Julia’s journey was a very emotional and mentally challenging one. But her unflappable courage helped her to overcome her difficulties and kept her going. Although at times she had lost all hope, she would remember how her father had fought cancer till his last breath and that gave her courage. She resumed school after she was cured and her friends were very supportive to Julia which helped her to fit in with the rest of the students. It also helped her to excel in academics.

Julia’s mother and her two brothers were the pillars in her life and they were relentless in their efforts to help Julia get back on her feet. Their support and love helped Julia to gain strength and fight the odds in her life.

Julia is 22 today. She has majored in Psychology and is employed at a school as a student psychologist. Her aim is to help and give hope to children who are diagnosed with cancer. Her story is an inspiration to many who suffer from cancer and do not have the will to fight it.

Author Bio: Ralph Coleman is a medical writer who writes well-researched, in-depth cancer articles which provide relevant information to help patients combat the deadly disease. Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) prides in providing the best cancer treatment solutions to patients who have endured to various cancer types. With cancer treatment centers in Tulsa, Philadelphia, Chicago, Newnan etc., CTCA aims at providing the best treatment options to cancer patients.


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