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10 Tips For Being A Single Parent

Being a single parent is not easy for anyone. It can be very challenging to look after a child or several children while balancing a job, paying bills and more. Here are 10 tips for being a single parent.

Children need love. In fact, they need the love of a parent the most. Keep in mind that love is not a feeling, but a decision. It is a choice. Granted, it will be tested at times, but children need love from their parent and will often reciprocate it back to them.

Showing Grace
Life can get quite stressful for a single parent. Be sure to show grace to the children when things are a bit tense, whether they deserve it or not. Grace is not excusing bad behavior, but it is showing unmerited favor which every child needs.

Get Connected
There are plenty of single parents who are going through the same struggles and victories. It can help a great deal to meet with people who are experiencing the same type of circumstances. This camaraderie enables parents to hang tough since they know that other single parents are going through the same thing.

Have Fun
Every family needs to have fun. Having fun can be playing a video game or going to a fast food restaurant. Having fun is a great way to get rid of stress and strengthens the bonds of a family.

Find a Mentor
A mentor can be a great resource for a single parent who has already had children and can give honest advice and be a reliable resource. Furthermore, a mentor can be the perfect person to listen when venting needs to occur.

Join a Club
Fitness clubs are very popular in many areas and are a great resource for a single parent. A number of clubs gives a parent and child the opportunity to get out of the home and do physical activities together and separately.

Create a Tradition
A single parent can create wonderful times of intimacy with their children by beginning a tradition with them, such as playing a board game every Thursday night or reading each night before bed. Children like consistency and will appreciate something to look forward to each week.

At times, it can be quite hard to for a parent to listen and focus solely on their children. Listening to a child is one of the most important things a parent can do since they are communicating to the child that they the most important as compared to paying bills or taking a shower.

Be the Example
Like it or not, children pick up habits, attitudes and reactions from a parent. Make the decision to be positive each day. When a day gets frustrating, spend extra attention being sure not to react badly. Children are looking to see what a parent will do when they get upset.

Connect with Family
A family can be a wonderful resource for free baby-sitting and can be there at any time. Take advantage of family members who are willing to help and be supportive during good and difficult times.

Although single parenting can be challenging, it is rewarding and thrilling. Be sure to take advantage of the times that can be spent with the children. It is worthy every moment.


Shannon is a maternity photographer with two boys. She loves to blog about motherhood, family, and tips to help new mommies not stress as much.




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