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Make-Up Trends For Teenagers


Every season, the make-up trends change as per the new developments in the fashion world, and teenagers are the first ones to follow these trends. This season, it’s all about being bright and colorful. So if you’re a teenager looking for some super cool tips to help you look stylish and trendy, then here are a few points to help you out.

1. Go Bright On The Lips

If you like lipsticks, or are fond of lip colors in the form of gloss, then this season is all about choosing reds, pinks and tangerines. Opt for brighter, fun colors, which add drama and character to your make-up, and make you look trendy and chic. However, ensure that the rest of your make-up is light, so the lips can become the highlight of the face.

2. Darker Eyes

You don’t necessarily need to go in for the vampire style dark eyes, but a darker layer of the kohl and the liner highlights your eyes well, and makes you look attractive. For day make-up, you can choose nude like eye shadows, as they are pretty much in fashion. However, for the parties and the club nights, you can choose smoke effect to go best with your LBDs.

3. The Neon Element

Some neon element on your outfit or in your make-up can add a lot of style to your full attire. You can either opt for neon nail paints, or neon accessories. Some people also like to have near neon lipsticks or eye shadows. However, don’t overdo it. Neon only works best when done in moderation.

4. Lighter Base

Unlike red carpet style make-up where layers and layers of foundation are done to hide away the imperfections of the skin, teenagers look best when they have light layers of base. Overdoing the make-up can make a pretty girl look unattractive, and it also makes a person seem very wannabe-ish. So light layers with basic gloss and eyeliner work very well for day makeup.

5. Metallic Magic

Teenagers can carry metallic make-up very well, unlike older women. So if you are clubbing and need some shimmer, you can opt for metallic eye shadows in gold, bronze, silver etc. You can also choose a bronzer blush to apply on your cheekbones and make them look nice. Again, don’t overdo it, as too much bling is capable of making a person look tacky.

Always remember that your make-up only looks better when you combine it with great hairstyles. These days, textured hair is a lot in fashion, so you can opt for tresses, curls, crimping on the hair, and a lot of other things. Choose younger looking styles like high ponytails, fish tail, side braids, French braids, double braids etc.

Most importantly, do what your heart says! Don’t let the fun side of you die too early, and always be open to experiment new things. That way, you can mix and match trends, and come up with your own style statement, which sets you apart from the rest of your friends.

Today’s guest post is contributed by Travis Finn. He is a successful image consultant and a freelance writer.


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