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How Long Should Your Child Play With Dolls?

Have you ever had the opportunity to actually observe a child or even children while they were in their moment playing with dolls? It’s actually quite fascinating to see them role play and see where their imagination takes them. Sometimes they’re actually role playing you as a parent.

Sometimes they’re acting out real live situations and other times it’s quite imaginary. In a way they are not only developing some social skills but also responsibilities such as changing their clothes and grooming them perhaps.

Often parents wonder how long should children play with dolls. Many dolls are a great role model to children, inspiring them in many aspects of their lives, especially focused on education and work.


DollsKnowing what age a child should stop playing with dolls is nearly impossible. Every child is different and develops differently during their stages of growing up. Some children stop playing with dolls at a very early age perhaps because they mature quicker, while others stop at a much later age.

It may have something to do with maturity or perhaps a psychological issue. However observing your child’s maturity level will give you the best answers as to when your children should let go of the dolls.

Tech World

Today, with the advanced development of technology and the availability of computers, video games, etc., children are now moving more away from dolls and toys and being more drawn by these gadgets as early as ages 5-7 years old. And because of this, parents no longer have to wonder about how long their child will be playing with dolls.

This would have been more of a concern prior to the tech era. However, still having your child play with dolls can help increase their development and stay hands on instead of depending on the internet and finding information that is inappropriate for their age.

Future Hobby

Often people develop many hobbies at a young age, so consider the possibility that maybe your child has developed aDolls liking for dolls especially if they are playing or hanging on to them at a later age. They may even pursue a doll collecting hobby but this is something you as a parent might test out with them by maybe purchasing some inexpensive dolls at first and see if your child shows interest in adding more dolls to their collection. It can grow from simply being a love of toys to a wide range of collectable dolls. Of course, the challenge at an early age will be getting your child to keep something of potential future value in the box. Is a five or six-year old really going to understand the importance of keeping something in mint condition?

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong age for children to stop playing with dolls. Given the pressures of life today and the possibilities children have for keeping entertained, it is perhaps more likely that parents will find themselves trying to get their kids to play with dolls more, rather than less!

Kate is an interior designer. She developed her passion for design while watching her mother always purchase antique furniture. Kate still loves collecting antique things. She now has two daughters and especially loves beginning new collections of collectable dolls.




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