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How To Share Your Living Room With The Kids


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Play is an essential part of your child’s development. While toys come in all shapes and sizes, it’s a pity none of them match your living room décor. We look at storage solutions for harmonious living.


Baskets can provide a simple and effective storage solution for your living area. Their portability makes tidying up quick and easy, even your little ones can carry a basket around the room and tidy up!  A versatile option; baskets can be stacked neatly in corners or stored under existing tables. Look for materials to complement your existing furniture and color schemes; willow, wicker and sea grass are just some of the choices available. A cheap and flexible way to keep your room tidy and stylish!


Another flexible option to suit any style or budget, using shelves doesn’t necessarily mean all your clutter is on display. Toys can be stored in boxes, and safely stowed away on shelves when not in use. Shelving units can be really useful if your room has any alcoves, or can be used to make a real style statement by covering a whole wall.

Wooden Trunks

Wooden storage trunks or blanket boxes make a useful addition to your living room. Not only do they provide you with lots of room to tidy away all those toys, they can double up as a coffee table too. If you’re on a tight budget, or if a heavy solid wooden chest doesn’t blend with the style of your room, there are plenty of affordable options available online that you can customize yourself. A lick of paint or varnish will provide you with a bespoke piece of furniture and help you reclaim your space.

Storage Cabinets

Toys and games aren’t the only causes of clutter that can encroach on your living space. Kids of all ages (even the grown up ones!) can easily accumulate huge DVD and game libraries. Although we’re living in a digital age where movies and music are easily downloaded or streamed via portable tablets and devices, how many of us have a huge CD and film collection that we can’t bear to part with? Consider investing in a TV unit with built in storage; alternatively, if you prefer to hang your flat screen TV on the wall, why not invest in a stylish oak CD and DVD storage cabinet ? This will store your collection tidily (alphabetically if you desire!) and make a stylish addition to your room.

Sofas and Footstools

If you’re one of the lucky ones whose kids actually fall asleep before you, chances are that, once they’re safely tucked up in bed, you’ll be pretty exhausted yourself. If you’re looking to purchase some much needed comfortable seating, that will allow you to relax once your little ones are asleep, why not invest in a sofa with storage space? There are plenty of sofas available with cleverly disguised storage facilities. Just lift the seats, store your clutter and relax. Footstools provide another great storage option. Lift the lid, tidy up, put your feet up and relax!

Do you have any stylish storage solutions for sharing your living space with the kids? Leave your comments below.

Roz McGann is a parent and neat freak whose living room is generally a teenager free zone – mainly because her teenager doesn’t consider her to be cool enough to spend time with. 




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