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Family Time

5 Simple And Free Ways For The Entire Family To Have Fun

family_having_funAccording to a popular cliché, the best things in life are free, and that includes happiness, as well as having fun. Thus, when it comes to having fun and laughter with the family, you don’t always have to spend a lot. You may want to look for ways to make everyone enjoy a day or two together that do not require you to shell out big bucks-not only are these economical, but they also help in showing off what really matters to you and your folks.

Sure, it can be difficult to think of ideas that your family could enjoy without spending money. Hence, to help you out, here are five activities that you may find worthy:

Party games

Party games, also known as parlor games, are always the best when it comes to bringing the family closer together. This is because these games not only require teamwork, but as well give each family member his or her time to shine or look funny without feeling humiliated or embarrassed.

What makes party games great is that you don’t have to spend much for them. In fact, there are games that do not require anything-just the active participation of your brood.

You may want to spend a weekend playing charades, especially when the weather is not ideal for outdoor adventures. Charades can be very funny in the long run, especially when the “it” players go to the extremes just to give clues to the spectators, and at the same time the guessers come up with pretty ridiculous answers based on the clues they see.

Charades are also spontaneous; you can have just about any kind of word or phrase for guessing, and it’s up to you and your players as to how they can give out hints to form the correct answer.

Other party games tend to be more physical, such as statue dancing or newspaper dancing. You may want to move your furniture to allot more space for these games.

Public beach escapade

Meanwhile, if the weather is just too hot for you to take, why not bring your family to a nearby public beach? Most public beaches have free entrance, in contrast to resorts. You’re not after the fancy accommodations anyway, just spot to lay your mat and enjoy the sea breeze.

You can also bring along some food and a few toys your kids can play with, as they easily get bored after going after the waves. There at the beach you and your folks can swim and dive, then have a sunbath after.

Beach trips are always fun and enjoyable, as looking at the waters alone is already refreshing. You may want to bring some change though, as kids are often tempted with ice cream especially during the hot climate-you may have to give in to their persuasion and buy everyone a piece or two of those frozen delights.


Hiking the nearby trails in the woods is also a great and economical way for the whole family to have fun. The forest-themed adventure is a direct contrast to the tech-dependent environment you have at home, and this helps in giving your kids a one-on-one encounter with what nature has to offer.

Hiking is practically safe and exciting. All you have to do is follow the designated trail to the woods so that you are able to get to the assigned destination, and as well be able to get back to your starting point. You may want to camp out in the woods for a night just to get away from the city life, but only do so if you brought the necessary equipment.

Hiking can be exhausting though, especially if your kids are not really that athletic. You may want to bring a lot of water during your expedition so that they are kept hydrated throughout the day.

Pool party-at home

There are times when your family is itching to go on a beach or pool vacation but couldn’t do so yet. If that’s the case then why not stage a pool party right in your own home?

This can be a great deal to beat the summer heat, especially if you have an inflatable pool in your garage. However, if you don’t have one, then you can set up a small pool using big tubs that can contain water instead. You may not fit in the improvised pool but your kids will sure have fun playing in it.

You can also turn on the faucet and blast water on your family members using a hose-they too will find ways to get back at you and make you wet. You may also bring out your kids’ water guns so that everybody would be able to target one another.

If you want a more competitive take on this home water fun game, you can host water gun battle. The mechanics can be the same as that of paintball, and you can use colored water on the guns to make the hits more visible. This can be a very fun activity, to think you and your family members don’t have to go somewhere else.

Play ball at home

What else is the best way to bond with the family at home? Play ball!

There are a lot of ball games that you can do at home with your family members. You can play basketball, volleyball or catch in case you have a wide backyard, or a smaller version of dodge ball too. Ball games are often fun as they motivate the players to move and win, either for their own sake or their designated teams.

If you don’t have a spacious backyard at home, then you and your folks may head to the nearby park-there you have a wider stretch of land to play at. In case you opt to go to the park, then you might as well bring some water and snacks-this way your family is kept hydrated after playing rounds of games. You may even want to host a small picnic (like have lunch in the park) since you’re already there.

Kevin James is a freelance writer who is keen about traveling, family activities, Mashantucket hotels and other vacation destinations. He also writes for Foxwoods Resort; follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


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