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How To Embrace Geek & Nerd Culture

Self-Serving-Public-Servants-MEMEOnce upon a time being a geek was something to be embarrassed about, but we’re finally in an age where being geeky is cool. With so many comic books being remade into action movies and graphically superb video games, it’s little wonder that the comic side of geekery is enjoying its moment in the sun. Whilst having a select interest in the culture is fine, there is so much more that geek culture has to offer you, and with a little dabble here and there you can have a feel for why this culture is thriving.

While you may not have ventured into the comic work before, getting into it isn’t something difficult and many towns will have a comic store buried somewhere. However, whilst the area has grown in popularity, walking into a comic store where every comic is wrapped up in packaging and alphabetized can be a little intimidating for you. Fortunately, websites like Comixology provide free comic uploads weekly from both the big publishers like DC and Marvel, to lesser-known indie comics that could be the up and next thing in the comic world.

Attend A Con Or Expo

Whether it’s a large scale event like London Comic Con, or it’s a more low key expo-event, attending one of these will change your life for the better – just make sure you’re suitably dressed. Whilst there will be plenty of stalls and competitions to take part in, you’ll also get to take in the extraordinary costumes and get to know fellow geeks with whom you already know that you share so much in common. If this wasn’t cool enough by itself, perhaps the best feature of these events are seeing the writer/actor whom you admire in the flesh!

The UK is home to a number of different filming locations used in some of the geekiest films. From Shaun of the Dead to Tim Burton’s Batman, whilst you’d assume that many of the filming locations were in the US you’d be dead wrong. Book geeks of the Harry Potter fandom will particularly love visiting the filming site, which even has guided tours.

Wear Your Geekery With Pride

What better way to show your fellow fans of your favorite fandom than some perfectly shirts? With comic book films such as Man of Steel out soon, you can attend the cinema flying the flag for one of the most well known and loved superheroes out there. If you’re one of those lucky people attending a con, then you may even want to look the part before setting off and creating your own costume.

You can’t lose when it comes to participating in all the things geek whilst it’s at the pinnacle of popularity, so take in some comic books, watch some sci-fi shows and attend your cons and rub shoulders with some fantastically dressed people, as this is one of the most fun cultures to be a part of. Don’t let anyone tell you that geeks aren’t cool – there is no scientific proof that this is correct!

Giles Thomas is one of the UK’s biggest comic book fans and loves sharing the geek & nerd culture with the world.




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