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Nose Jobs For Teens

nose jobMost American teens are now getting their noses reshaped. This is a minor procedure which one can do and be discharged on the same day. This procedure of modifying the shape of the nose, which is commonly known as rhinoplasty can either be simple or complex depending on the way it is done and the success of this procedure heavily depends on the skill and experience of the surgeon. This has a huge impact on a person look and should therefore be taken very seriously.

Ages When Teens can have Rhinoplasty

it is advisable to only have a nose job when the nose has reached its full size. For girls, this happens at around 15 or 16 years of age while for boys it may happen a little bit later as the girls mature faster.

Types of Rhinoplasty

The different types of nose jobs may include:-
– reshaping the tip of the nose
– Making the bridge of the nose straight
– Opening breathing passages in the nostrils
– Remaking the shape of the nose
– Removing defects such as humps
– changing the size of the nose

Nose jobs can be done either for aesthetic or medical reasons. Some people with breathing problems may want to open up the air passages which is a medical reason while others would lie to enhance their beauty which is purely aesthetic.

Risks associated with Rhinoplasty

Just like any other type of surgery, rhinoplasty has got its own risks. These may include the following:
– Nosebleeds
– A feeling of numbness
– swelling
– Nerve damage which may even be permanent at times
– Damage to small blood vessels on the surface of the skin

It is important for parents and teens to get the opinion of a doctor concerning the risks involved with a rhinoplasty before undertaking it. The teen has to be mature enough to handle the risks and consequences involved on their own. They also need to be doing it for the right reason as this is a change that stays with someone for the rest of their life.

After the actual nose job, a lot of support is needed from friends and family. Ones head has to be elevated for a minimum of 24 hours after the surgery. One also needs to be ready for some pain and swelling though this can be managed by using cold compresses and a bunch of medication. Although the swelling and redness may be there for the first couple of days, it usually heals within a couple of weeks leaving fantastic results.

Choosing a surgeon

It is always good to have the rhinoplasty performed by a plastic surgery who has lots of experience and a proven track record. The operation itself should also be done in a credible facility in case of complications with the surgery. It is also good to talk with the surgeon prior to the procedure in order to describe one aspirations and expectations while learning about the benefits and risks involved with this procedure. Health insurance should also be taken care of early enough as health insurance companies do not usually cover plastic surgery unless it is on medical grounds.


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