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What You Need To Know Before Your Prom

As you prepare for prom night, you’re probably planning on an amazing experience. Shopping for a dress is always number one on any girl’s list, but there are lots of other things to plan for that will make your prom the best ever.

Group Of Teenage Friends Dressed For PromHow To Dress

Sure, shopping for your dress may be the biggest element of your prom, but be sure to get what you want. Do you simply HATE high heels? Then, guess what – you don’t have to wear them! Go in flats or sandals. You need to be comfortable, and the confidence you exude when you don’t have to worry about stumbling around on high heels can make the difference between a tense prom and a wonderful prom.

It’s OK To Save Money

So many times, girls stress out about whether they have spent enough on their dress or not – they get into comparison. But you know what? Catty comparisons won’t cheapen your look. If you look fabulous, and feel wonderful, snippy little comments fall flat. Check with resale boutiques for your prom dress. If you’re worried about accidentally buying one that was worn to your school’s prom last year, go to a different neighborhood. You can find a designer dress to die for, and pay no more for it than you would for one not nearly as nice. You may even be able to borrow one from a friend or relative, and use the money you save to rent a limo.

Friends Are Fun 

So many times, girls and guys both miss their prom because they don’t have a “significant other”. Prom night is a big night, and you shouldn’t miss it because you are not in a serious relationship. In fact, you’ll probably have more fun that those who are with a serious date. Ask a friend to go with you to the prom. These days, if you have a friend of the opposite sex, it’s OK to have a friend date to the prom. Or, if you want to, go with several other of your best friends. Just about everything is good these days, and you can have a blast if you’re not trying to impress someone.

Get Plenty of Pictures 

Smart phones make this so much easier, but it’s still common to come away from your prom night with few pictures. Don’t gripe at your mom for taking your picture in your prom dress. These are memories that you’ll have well documented. Some girls are even having professional photo sessions in their prom dresses, just as they would with their wedding dresses.

Keep It Comfortable

Once the prom is over, the pressure to fit in continues. You’ve forged your own way with your dress and your date, don’t back off afterward. You don’t owe your date anything, and you don’t have to go out drinking after the prom. If you aren’t comfortable with it, you don’t have to do it. If others feel like they have to pressure you into something, move on.

Anastasia is a model from Russia. She was elected as the Queen of Bridesire for April 2013. Anastasia loves wearing different dresses designed and tailored by Bridesire and walking on the T-stage. You can find more 200 pictures of her on Bridesire.com under the categories of bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses.



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