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Teen Parties: 6 Dumb Ways To Get Arrested

When it comes to teen parties, alcoholic beverages are always present. The teenagers who host these parties are usually above the legal age limit; thus, they can easily have access to liquor and cigarettes. Unfortunately, there are also some adolescents who bring illegal substances with them during this get-together.

Having said that, it is not surprising why many adolescents find themselves in jail after a night of partying with their friends. This article lists down 6 dumb ways to get arrested while partying. These actions were attempted and executed by hundreds of shamelessly drunken young adults. Only fools will try to commit these acts while they are sober.

Smuggling Liquor Into A Party Filled With Underage Teens

The law prohibits selling or offering alcoholic beverages to underage teens. If you are caught smuggling liquor into a party filled with teenagers under the age of eighteen, you might get arrested, and you will face prison time and pay a hefty fine.

Lie About Your Age Or Identity

A lot of teenagers try to get a hold of fake identification cards just to be able to get into a party that doesn’t allow underage teens. If you are under the age of 18 and you are planning to use a fake ID, think again. If something goes wrong at the party and cops arrive, they will want to check your identification. Giving them false identification details can mean trouble.

In various states, lying to a cop about your identity or age while you are detained can lead to a criminal charge. Lying to the police is one of the surest ways to go to jail.

Agree To Pose For A Nude Photo

Agreeing or suggesting to pose for a nude picture can lead to legal repercussions. You might find yourself facing an Indecent Exposure charge. With all your nude photos from various cameras, the police will have sufficient evidence to make an arrest.

You might think that you will never pose for a nude photo, but binge drinking can dull your decision making ability. You might claim not remember exactly what you did at the party, but seeing your nude photos going viral online will serve as a grim reminder.

Have Sex In A Public Area

Teenagers, like you, have raging hormones, and this is only intensified by alcohol in your system. With that said, it is not surprising that you make stupid decisions when drunk. If you are drunk, you might engage in unsafe sex. Unfortunately, having sex, although consensual, may still lead to legal consequences, especially when you commit the act in a public area.

For instance, using a single-sex bathroom for anything other than going to the bathroom can lead to an arrest if you and your partner get caught. Remember that the bathrooms in most clubs tend to be heavily guarded. So before you start stripping each other’s clothes, try to think first. Better yet, do not drink excessively to avoid making dumb decisions.

Public Cat-fights and Brawls

When you and other people are intoxicated, it is so easy to find fault and start a fight. Throwing fists, threats, and shameless verbal abuse can lead to more than a sore body and blackened eye. You might find yourself in jail for assault and battery.

Drink And Drive

You might have avoided doing all stupid things listed above, and you are proud of yourself. You hopped on your car and drove away even when you have had more than two bottles of beer.

The most arrest in the country is from routine traffic stops. If you happen to encounter a law enforcer on your way home, he might pull you over. Once he smells alcohol on your breath or on your clothes, he might ask you to take a field sobriety test. If you fail, you will face a possible DUI charge.

These are just 6 of the dumbest ways to get arrested at a teen party. The best way to avoid legal problems is not to break the law to begin with. In addition, you must avoid drinking excessively because you will end up making stupid decisions which you will surely regret.

The author, Kris Hopkins, is a writer for legal websites where she offers a list of dumb ways to get arrested. She also occasionally writes for bail bonds agencies, such as BBD.



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2 thoughts on “Teen Parties: 6 Dumb Ways To Get Arrested

  1. Hahaha. Shouldn’t laugh though–this is all way too typical behaviour!

    Posted by amatterofinstinct | July 25, 2013, 11:27 am


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