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When Should Girls Be Allowed To Wear Cosmetics?

cosmeticsMost young girls can’t wait to grow up and quickly get fascinated by anything they see adults doing. They will watch Mum and their older sisters applying make-up and want to get involved but should you let them and what age is the right time to let them loose on your make-up bag?

Kids Should Be Kids

Parents know that adulthood is not all that it is cracked up to be! Childhood is a golden time when you don’t have to concern yourself with responsibilities, money and working. It should be a time of innocence and so most parents want their kids to stay kids for as long as possible before beginning their journey into adulthood.

These days with ready access to a mountain of information via the internet and the huge number of television channels available, kids are far more exposed to the big wide world than they ever were before. We live in a society obsessed with celebrities too and so young girls are quickly eager to copy their favorite stars and to wear clothes which are too grown up.  It isn’t great seeing really quite small children in very adult fashion styles and even worse if they are wearing make-up but they are exposed to so many images and so much peer pressure that parents have a battle on their hands. Few people want their children prancing around like one of those much publicized starlets from the beauty pageants!


Kids will only realize how precious their childhood is once it has gone and so trying to explain that one is tough but it is a battle worth fighting not just to save their childhood but also because there are dangers in children wearing adult fashions and cosmetics. Made up kids can look much older than they are and can become the subject of unwanted sexual attention from boys and men. They may be able to associate with older people and to get access to places they shouldn’t when your back is turned. If they look older than they are, other people will not realize that there might be a problem with what they are doing or who they are with and will not intervene.

In The Home

It is probably best if girls are introduced to make-up at home and only wear it indoors to start with. Make cosmetics part of a game rather than anything too serious so they can practice applying it but don’t let them out alone when they are all made up until they reach their teens. Explain the dangers and why you don’t want them to wear it and perhaps start letting them wear make-up for special occasions only in the first instance. If they are keen to learn more about applying cosmetics try something like the Make-Up Creative Folder by TOP Model. This is a neat folder with cute faces and cosmetics which allows the kids to experiment on paper rather than on themselves. It turns cosmetics into something creative and interesting without the attendant dangers.


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One thought on “When Should Girls Be Allowed To Wear Cosmetics?

  1. Really love this post, such an important topic to address especially in this day and age. Great read xx

    Posted by thirteenthandhudson | June 14, 2013, 1:35 pm

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