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How To Throw A Kickin’ Garage Sale

garage sale

Garage sales are the best symbols of the street level economy in action. A largely cash operation that features the open exchange of second hand goods with the express objective of unloading as much old, space sucking junk as possible in the least amount of time can be a great time for everyone. Garage sales give people you would never meet the chance to root around your yard and house in search of something they too will use for a while, forget about, and store for years and years until they finally hold a garage sale and attempt to pawn it off on another unsuspecting scavenger. Yes, garage sales are amazing experiences.

Making Your Garage Sale Enjoyable

The key to holding a successful garage sale is to make it into a fun, laid back activity where people want to come and hang out. Garage sales are often done all wrong. Too often they turn into lackluster estate sales that no one wants to go near. Garage sales are, fundamentally, about selling your stuff and making a little bit of cash. To successfully accomplish this, you need some entrepreneurial spirit and a bit of salesmanship. Creating an inviting atmosphere where people want to be is the first step in having a kickin’ garage sale. Who knows, you may find that you have a knack for entrepreneurial matters and branch out and open a vintage thrift store after collecting your garage sale seed money.

Have A Plan

The first step to organizing a kickin’ garage sale is to plan. Decide on a day, preferably a weekend since there will be better turnout, and get the word out. Make signs and post them around four or five blocks of your house. Also, post ads online in the classifieds and on your social media accounts to let people know that it is going to be awesome. The more you can talk it up and make it seem like more than a boring garage sale, the better. Of course, you actually are going to make it into more than a garage sale by doing the following: music, food, and drinks.

Essentially, a real kickin’ garage sale is just a cool backyard (or frontyard) barbeque where old junk is for sale. The best way to attract a crowd is to invite your friends, tell them to invite their friends, and start a party. Make sure you get some tables and chairs and lay out all of your stuff to sell beforehand. Also, know what you’re willing to sell and make sure your friends know that too. People often haggle for things they see that aren’t necessarily for sale, so be careful what you leave lying about. Once you have everything out, decide whether or not you want to price everything. If you’re flexible, you may not want to price things, but having a price can give you a better starting point on any negotiations. Aside from the organizational details and managing any money you take in, the best way to throw a kickin’ garage sale is to turn on some tunes, light up the grill, and relax. If you get each of your friends to bring some food, you’ll be all set for an afternoon of food, fun, and commerce. You could even sell some burgers if you feel especially opportunistic.

Garage sales can be great ways to meet people and foster a community environment. If you sell a few old things and make some cash, all the better. The real objective to pulling off a memorable garage sale is to put people first and create a lively, relaxing atmosphere where people want to spend an afternoon and take some stuff off your hands. Chances are you won’t make more than fifty to a hundred bucks anyway, so don’t stress about making money and just have a good time.

By +Ben Vaughn

Ben Vaughn writes on pulling off a kickin’ garage sale, utahgaragedoors.net, and converting your garage into a home gym.



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