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Quick And Healthy Desserts For Children


The majority of children have a sweet tooth and don’t particularly think about whether what they are eating is healthy so if given the choice they would probably just look for chocolate or ice cream as a dessert. So it can be hard for parents to come up with new ideas for quick and healthy desserts that will tempt their children and satisfy their sweet tooth.

Coffee Butter Cream

The Anchor recipe page has a great idea that parents could use to create a tasty dessert that is healthy and quick to make. Coffee butter cream will appeal to most kids and is an incredibly simple recipe. The ingredients that are needed to make the coffee buttercream are Anchor butter, icing sugar, whole milk and coffee and most people will probably already have these in their kitchen so there’s no time consuming additional trip to the supermarket. The coffee butter cream only takes about ten minutes to make and involves heating the milk and coffee together until the coffee has dissolved and then simply beating the coffee/milk mixture into the buttercream until it is completely smooth. Children may even like to help with the beating part particularly once they know they are going to get to eat the end result.


Once it is made the coffee buttercream can be used to decorate either one large 18cm cake or a number of individual cupcakes. If you are feeling adventurous then a piping bag could be used to create fancy swirls and patterns on the cake with the buttercream. It is also possible and quicker to just use a knife to cover the cake with the buttercream. Putting sugar sprinkles or other decorations on top of the buttercream will also appeal to children. Another way to involve the children would be to put the buttercream on the cakes yourself and then give the children little pots of different decorations so that they can decorate their cake themselves – they’ll love it!


Another option for a quick and healthy dessert would be a fruit crumble. This could be made using virtually any fruit depending on preference. It is easy to make the crumble beforehand and then just warm it through while the children are eating dinner. It is also a simple way to make sure that your children get one of their five a day servings of fruit and vegetables to ensure that they stay healthy and happy.

Healthy Treat

Giving healthy homemade desserts to children ensures that they still get to satisfy their sweet tooth but means that they do not have to eat unhealthy ingredients such as hydrogenated fats. Including fruit as an ingredient has the added benefit of ensuring that your children are gaining vitamins and antioxidants in a form that they will enjoy.

Everyone needs a sweet treat now and then and there are a number of ways to include this sort of treat in a dessert in a quite healthy manner. Coffee butter cream and the other foods here fill that need

Cormac Reynolds has written for a variety of food and culture websites and is a lover of sweet treats too.


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