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Make Your Own Hot Air Balloon In 5 Easy Steps

If you are fascinated with the idea of flying in a balloon, you are not the only one in this world. There are many folks out there, young or old, wishing they lived in the eight feet wide basket, watching the hustle of the city below as they brush their teeth. You might have often wondered how the huge balloon stays up for long hours. It depends upon a simple science involving hot air. As you might know, cold air is denser than hot air, which makes the latter rise above the former. Thus, you need to just pump heat into the balloon to make it fly. Guess what! You can even make one in the confines of your home, albeit its miniature counterpart. Here are five easy steps that aid you in building the same.

  • Keep all that is necessary within hand’s reach:
  • You will need a plastic bag, and a huge one at that. The one that you use for garbage disposal will fit the bill. That is because these bags are very light with a high molecular density. Pick 3-4 straws, depending upon the perimeter of the bag opening. You will also need a cardboard strip, 4-5 thin birthday candles, a ball of string, and some light-weight tape. Once you have all these things spread out in front of you, stretch yourself and bring your childhood crafting skills into play.
  • Make the balloon: Begin by sticking the straws together through their length with the tape. After joining the ends of the last straws, the shape should resemble something like a circle. Doesn’t matter if it is a crooked one. Now tape this contraption around the opening of the plastic bag. Make sure that it is securely in place with no gaps for air to pass. Hold this mini balloon up high and let it come down. If it comes down without wavering, it is well made.
  • Proceed towards the basket with the burning flame: Cut out a couple or three square inches of cardboard. Pierce four holes an inch around the center of this piece, preferably smaller than the thickness of the candles, just so that the candles can fit perfectly with no room for air to pass. Now pierce tiny holes on the four corners of the board. Tie a twelve inch piece of thread to each corner. Then insert the candles in the bigger holes and hold the loose ends of the strings just to check the center of gravity.

Connect the two works of art: Again, use the tape to attach the threads to the balloon’s opening. This part might be a bit tricky. Here is where gravity plays a frustratingly huge part. You will need to connect the strings such that the piece of cardboard hangs pretty much horizontally when the balloon is handled from the top. You may also need to adjust the candles for that matter. Also, take heed that the board is about a foot away from the opening. It’s time for action, all aboard! Light the candles carefully, so that you don’t burn the plastic. Then let the balloon float. It will steadily rise, and will fly away wherever the wind takes it.

Today’s guest author, Jenny Wadlow, is a freelance blogger. She is an adventure enthusiast and often writes about her adventures in her articles.



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