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Why Are Shooter Games Popular Amongst Teenagers?


Statistics point out the fact that shooter games are most popular among the teenage crowd, and specifically with boys and young men. Let’s go ahead and break down the fact of why boys are the majority players in shooting games, and why most girls tend to steer clear from shooter games and swords that cut enemies in two.

Based on some personal observations your average girl isn’t just going to jump head first into a game of Halo or Call of Duty when someone isn’t there to show them how it’s done, or explain how the game is played (this might be a male sibling or a boyfriend). A girl really isn’t going to be inclined to play a shooter game if they don’t see other girls doing it as well. However, occasionally you’ll find yourself a chick who doesn’t mind blending in with the guys.

Now, for the real stats! Why the heck is it that mostly teenagers are playing games such as Halo, Gears of War, and Call of Duty? Did you know that 97% of teenagers play video games, and 90% of those teens are actively playing shooting games? It’s true!

I honestly believe that the majority of teenagers engaging in shooter games are playing them because of the violence. Teenagers have a tendency to think the violence in a game is fun, cool, and intriguing. This isn’t just because they’re teens either. It’s because of society. Society pressures teenagers to want to play violent shooter games. They see the pressure everywhere. In school (gangs/cliques), at home (depending on the teens atmosphere at home – do they live with family disturbances? Even in movies. We’ve all seen the movies where kids are pressured to try drugs at a party, or join a gang, and even steal and rob from other people. Teens do not have a fully developed brain and mental processing system, so they’re the ones that are more drawn in on the shooter games.

Besides the point of societies pure pressure, I believe teen hormones play a big role in why teenagers play shooter games. As young men develop their hormones are not fully developed either, nor are they controllable. It’s true! Based on a study in Boston, MA by Claudio O. Toppleberg teen testosterone levels are in a stage of confusion, which gives them a mental direction that provokes them to compete with one another.

It is also known that this behavior is an on going cycle. Violent video games (such as shooter games) play a role in violent behavior. A test was done in conjunction with the testosterone test. One teenager was asked to say the word “go” when a slideshow of adjectives was presented, and they adjectives that were chosen were non-violent. The teenager was then asked to play a video game for 30 minutes, and afterwards repeat the process with the same adjectives. Only this time around the teenager chose the adjectives that were more on the violent side. Keep in mind these words are only shown for a second, before the next one appears. And what ever emotion they may feel, they will say “go”. It’s proven to be a very effective test in the past, as well is it continuously does to this day.

The author of this article, known as: Gost, is and has been a gamer for 18 years, and is part of the “TAG” observation team that participates in observing the behavior of how teens react to certain social circumstances. As for being a gamer for 18 years, Gost also presents much knowledge about the gaming industry (Shooter games in particular) and publishes his opinionated pieces at http://www.tesguide.com


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