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Teaching Your Child To Use A Sewing Machine Is Easier Than You Think!

Dressmaking and sewing is an immensely pleasurable pastime – not only are you creating unique pieces for you and your loved ones to wear, you are also saving yourself a lot of money in the process. Creating clothes is even more wonderful if you can pass your skills onto your children. When you sew, your children are bound to watch you, and it’s only a matter of time before they want to learn how it is done. When they show interest, it’s time to start teaching them (and not before!). Here’s how to do it:

Buy Them Their Own Sewing Machine

Firstly, you need to get them their own machine. This is mainly because they will feel much more independent if they are working on their own machine, but also because if you don’t, you’ll never get yours back! Choose them something that is easy to use and that doesn’t have too many fancy functions. Choose a basic one that has been designed for kids to use, so he or she has a good chance of getting the hang of it quickly.

What Are Their Learning Preferences?

When you are teaching your child anything, it is important that you understand how they like to learn. Some kids prefer to learn visually, and others orally. Do they work better under instruction or would they prefer to be left to get on with it? Understanding their learning preferences is key to your success – and it’ll mean far fewer arguments along the way! Let them know that they won’t be perfect straight away – it’s going to take time. A lot of kids are hard on themselves but give lots of praise where it’s due, and keep pointing them in the right direction. Mistakes are part of the learning process.

Carry Out a Demo

Before your let your child loose on their sewing machine, show them some simple functions like getting the cotton on. Do a demonstration of a simple piece of sewing so that they can watch. Ask questions afterwards to see if it has sunk in or not. Don’t start with anything complicated – you don’t even need a pattern. Just show them how to do a simple straight line on a piece of material. When you are happy that they are starting to see how it works, let them have a go themselves.

Progress Slowly

Once they have got the hang of it, move onto simple seams. When they have a piece that they have created themselves, show it off to the rest of the family making sure they get loads of praise for their achievements. It really is quite impressive for a child to be using a sewing machine at all, so you won’t have to fake it.

You’ll need to be really patient as your child gets used to using a sewing machine. There will be plenty of frustration along the way, but if they persevere they will get the hang of it – and the satisfaction on their face will be all you need to tell you you’ve done a good job.

Jenny Wadlow is a freelance blogger who enjoys writing about random topics involved in her life. When she is not writing, she loves to sit at home and stitch clothes using her sewing machine. You can follow her on Twitter @JennyWadlow.



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