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3 Extreme Sports Ideas For The Whole Family


Maybe you are a person who is into extreme sports and your family is not, but why do you think this might be the case? Extreme sports are fun and they give you a feeling few other people get to experience. Well one reason why the people in your family might not be into extreme sports is because they have the wrong idea about them.

Maybe all they know of extreme sports is based on what they see on television and what they see they do not like. You have to convince them that there are extreme sports they can take part in that are not as dangerous as what is seen on television.

Getting your family into extreme sports is not only going to allow you to have more fun as a family, but it has other benefits you might not have even considered.

  • Taking part in extreme sports as a family will give you the chance to bond in ways that few families get to bond. You will take on fears together and overcome them together. You will grow as a family because you will see that with the aid of each other you can get through anything. You will also feel a great sense of accomplishment when you take part in these types of sports.
  • You will get the chance to forget about any problem you might be experiencing as far as family life is concerned. When you take part in extreme sports you will be focused only on what you are doing and nothing else. As a result of this it will become easier for you to deal with whatever family issues you were having and move past them. This is a great benefit that a lot of people never really consider.
  • Your family will get the chance to grow closer then what they have ever been before. Maybe you are worried your family core is not as strong as it could be. Maybe you want to do something in order to get it back to where it needs to be. Well extreme sports are a perfect way to help build a stronger sense of unity and closeness then practically anything else you could do as a family.
  • Your family will have a lot of fun taking part in extreme sports, because they are unlike any other type of sport you could do together. The reason they are called extreme is because there is usually an element of risk involved, but this is what makes it fun. Not to worry though, with the right type of extreme sports your family would not have to be at any serious risk. There are plenty of safety measures that can be taken.

All these benefits sound good right? Of course they do. Now lets talk about some of the extreme sports you and your family can take part in.

Mountain Climbing

One of the best extreme sport ideas for families would be mountain climbing. Mountain climbing is going to require a lot of team work as well as team planning. This is going to help your family to bond really well. Mountain climbing is also an extreme sport that does not really require you to meet hard physical ability requirements. Things can be adjusted so that anyone can take part. What you want to do if you decide to go this route would be to start out with hiking trips on soft incline trails and then try to work your way up to scaling sheer cliff walls.

You can also go to an indoor rock climbing facility and take part in that if you do not want to do mountain climbing. Getting your family involved with mountain climbing is going to be tough at first, but as they get better it will become easier to take on tougher climbs.

Ice Climbing

If you and your family enjoy mountain climbing, then there is a good chance all of you will really enjoy ice climbing as well. Ice climbing is going to be bit more risky and it certainly is going to be a bit more challenging. Ice climbing is a sport that is going to require everyone to climb glaciers and ice cliffs. This is a really good winter sport for those families that really want to stay active and who are not scared to do some really hard work or take on some hard challenges.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is more safe then the two other extreme sport ideas that have been mentioned so far. If you have really young kids then it is going to be easy for them to take part in this. Mountain biking, just like mountain climbing, can be adjusted in order to meet the different physical abilities and special needs of any given family member. You can take smaller kids to ride their bikes on trails that are not going to be really tough.

And as they get better as far as their biking skills go you can decide to take them on more challenging trails and inclines. The only negative is you will need some pretty high quality mountain bikes. You will likely want to avoid the cheap stuff because it will not stand up for a long time. Consider going to a specialty store to get mountain bikes. Chances are if you buy them for the whole family at a private dealer you will get a discount.

Your family is going to be resistant to the idea of getting involved in extreme sports at first, which is why you will need to introduce them to the idea in a very lighthearted fashion. Pick an extreme sport you feel they would know about or would be willing to give a chance. Once you are able to get them to take part in one then it will become easy for you to get them to take part in others.


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