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4 Tips To Make Your Pajama Party Awesome

Pajama parties are girl bonding time. From the pre-teen years to marriage, a girl regularly has sleepovers with her best friends. In childhood, it is a fun activity where they discuss Sweet Valley High books and, as the girl grows older, the sleepovers become group therapy sessions where stories and discussions take up the entire night. From shopping to boys to heartbreaks to good riddance, a pajama party brings it all out. Organizing the party is a fun and simple affair.


Irrespective of the venue being your home or a hotel room, the centre of attraction should be the bed(s). Mattresses, pillows, blankets and quilts should be in abundance as they are the focal point of the party. Queen-sized beds, bunk beds, canopy beds are few of the options which can be set up. Bunk beds are not as easy to install as canopy beds, hence the latter is a popular choice. These canopy beds are both protective and comfortable which can be draped with heavy curtains in winter time to create warmth while thin netting can be used in summertime to keep mosquitoes and pests out. Every girl is a little princess from the inside or a Harry Potter fan for sure (four poster canopy beds in Hogwarts!) and will be extremely happy to sleep princess like on these beds, that is if the girls sleep at all.

Party Drinks:

Sugary drinks may not be a good idea for the family, but lack of them in a slumber party will be an act of cruelty. Healthier options like lemonade, assorted flavors of iced tea, milkshakes, and fruit punch, and fresh fruit smoothies are fun drinks which can be served. The girls can also be given ingredients for DIY smoothies as well. These options are far healthier than aerated drinks or coffee. Make big pitchers filled with the juices and keep the little ladies hydrated.


Non-fussy and easy to eat food items should be on the menu. Complicated food options which will create a mess should be avoided at all costs as the next morning will be a sad sight. You can serve fruit slices, crackers, chips, muffins, cupcakes, pizzas or hot dogs. As the group of girls will be intimate and small, their choices in food can be considered and made according to their tastes and likes. In addition of the finger food, you should add a variety of dips that your guests will enjoy with their chips and fries, i.e. mayonnaise, sweet and sour cream, cheese, and salsa.


Every party needs entertainment, there are various games which girls can play apart from watching movies and television shows. These games are appealing to 12 year old girls who think Justin Bieber is great and the 22 year old girls who declare their love for Adam Levine on a regular basis. They can play the regular spin the bottle (replace bottle with nail enamel bottle, lipstick, gloss or even a hair brush) and ask each other embarrassing questions, slyly disclosing and discovering secrets. Girls can also try new games like hunting for the midnight snack with a map around the house and clues to help them. Pictionary, monopoly and other board games or charades will often dictate who out of the group will become best friends in a span of time. Giving each other a makeover by sneaking in mother’s make up and pillow fights are the games which make a pajama party, THE pajama party.

So follow these tips if you want to organize a slumber party, make suitable arrangements and get up early the next day and click embarrassing sleeping photos of friends. Threaten them that the photos will be up on Facebook and make them your minions.

Today’s guest author, John Morris, is a sales executive at Over The Top Shelters, an outdoor storage solution that deals in party tents. When he is not working, he is seen visiting friends and family.



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