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4 Awesome Gifts That Every New Parent Will Thank You For

Help and support are the greatest gifts every new parent can ask for from friends and family. On your part, there are some things that not only show how thoughtful you are, but also make the lives of the new parents much easier. For instance, really helpful and awesome DIY gift projects, like the following four…

1)   A diaper clutch

This DIY diaper clutch has enough space for diapers, wipes, changing pads and a sanitizer, which is basically all that every new parent-on-the-go needs.

What to do: You’ll need canvas fabric with cutesy prints and bleached muslin cut in rectangles to around 12” wide and 20” long, and your basic sewing supplies. Pin the two fabrics (right sides together) and cut rounded corners with a rotary cutter. Next, sew the whole clutch together, except the lower side; leave a 3” wide opening there so you can turn the fabric inside out. Now, cut up a little rectangle from the leftover canvas or any old but good-looking fabric and stitch a pocket on the front side of the canvas. Once the pockets are sorted, fold the rectangle lengthwise to about 8” (this depends on how deep you want your clutch to go). Next, sew up the right and left side of the clutch, and don’t forget that 3” slit! Finally, add a little Velcro so it stays shut, iron it out, and yay!

2)   A timeout stool

Obviously, this is for when the child grows up enough to be a proper little rascal. The timeout stool serves as a perfect long-term disciplining investment for the new parents!

What to do: All you need is two wooden planks- just any shape will do, as long as it’s a flat surface. Next, get two big and sturdy bottles (glass, plastic etc.), cut out the bottoms at the broadest point. Stick the two bottles at the neck with a wooden bead that fits tightly at the joint. Drill a hole through the bead. Now stick one plank to the bottom end the bottle. Fill with sand and cover the other end with the second plank. Take some spindles and stick it around for support. Your timeout stool is ready!

3)   Offer help

Just say the words and watch the new parents almost fling themselves at you and kiss you to no end.

What to do: Do the dishes, fold the laundry, put the toys back in the right place, change the sheets, replace the toilet paper, sterilize the milk bottles and pacifiers, put in fresh flowers, put the cushions and furniture in the right place and so on. There won’t be another gift they’ll value more, and there won’t be another friend they’ll love more.

4)   Handcrafted growth chart

A growth chart is the most inevitable thing in every parent and baby’s life. Be ahead of everyone else, and gift the new parents a gorgeous fabric growth chart that’s customized just for the new arrival.

What to do: First, grab a heavy fabric that falls well, something like Calico, and cut it to the dimensions 132 cm x 30 cm. Fold the edges to 1 cm and iron them. Next, sew all edges and while you’re at it, fold the shorter ends to about 3 cm at the back of the chart, to slide in wooden dowels. Now, grab a permanent fabric pen and mark the scale on the left side of the chart (start 50 cm from the bottom of the chart). Stick lace or ribbons at the opposite side, or simply embroider. Paint the child’s name at the top of the chart or in the center (like a watermark). Add split pins to mark the heights, and little paper tags for personal little notes to mark the every historic growth. Tie a ribbon at the top end, so the chart can be hung from the wall. Sit back and wonder out loud how soon kids grow.

The best gifts are ones that are the simplest and done straight from the heart. These DIYs are that, and so much more. One simple effort, and you and your gift will be cherished by them for almost forever.

This guest post is authored by Jamie Watson. He works for Christmas All Year, an online Christmas shop that offers a wide range of products such as artificial Christmas trees, garlands, Christmas themed baby products and ornaments. He loves Christmas holidays and enjoys writing blog articles about the same.


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