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4 Fun Ways To Get Your Child To Clean Their Room

You have tried everything to get your young one to clean his room. You pleaded. You bribed. You screamed. You even tried threatening him. Unfortunately, nothing seems to motivate him to tidy up his mess. Your child’s room still looks like a hurricane went through it. Should you give up and clean your toddler’s room by yourself?

Getting your child to clean his room doesn’t have to be a constant battle. There are ways to encourage him to clean up after himself and take responsibility for his own belongings. Here are a few fun ideas that you can try.

Play Time And Clean-up Time

While your child is still young, you must instill upon him the importance of cleaning up his mess. For instance, at the end for his play session, you must teach your young one that it is clean-up time. Your child might be reluctant to follow at first since he will still want to play with his toys; however, there will come a time when he needs to put them away. As an example, if he stops playing for lunch, he must put his toys away and get them back when play time resumes. This will train your child to properly store his toys away when they are not in use. The only time you can allow your little one to leave his toys out is if he is working on something.

Turn Cleaning Into A Race

Cleaning is more enjoyable when you do it fast. Since children easily get exhausted, bored, or distracted, it is best to keep cleaning sessions short but effective. What you can do is turn cleaning into a race. You can set a timer and let your toddler pick up his toys, clothes, and other disorganized stuff for 5 minutes. This works better if you are dealing with more than one child. You can even involve the entire family and make it a weekend routine where every member of the family sees how much they can tidy things up at home in less than half an hour.

Tell A Good Story While They Clean Up

If your child loves listening to stories, you can read them a chapter from the book he loves while he cleans his room. If your child stops cleaning and simply listened to the story, you can stop reading until he starts cleaning again. This is a very effective routine since it is both collaborative and fun. With this approach, you avoid turning cleanup sessions into a punishment; thus, they will view the task as a positive activity. You will also be able to teach your young one that tidying and organizing his things doesn’t have to be tedious.

Play Fun And Upbeat Music

If listening to stories isn’t appealing to your child, you can play fun and upbeat music instead. You and your little one can listen to the music louder than normal. You can let them dance around his room while he puts things away. You can even ask your child to shoot his stuff in the right storage boxes, such as stuffed animals, legos, toy cars, and so on. If you turn the cleanup session into a fun activity, you won’t have to deal with too much resistance the next time.

These are just a few fun ideas that can get your child to clean up his room. These ideas will only be effective if you set a good example for your child and if you provide proper support. It is also a good idea to get storage boxes and containers that are appealing to your child so that they will know where to put his things when it’s time to cleanup.

Kris Hopkins is a mother of one who knows how hard it is to get a child to clean his mess. She offers these fun ideas to help other mothers. S



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