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8 Things You Should Do Before You Turn 18


Being a teenager is the perfect time for doing one of those crazy, funny and eve foolish things, which a grown up cannot afford. And yes, sometimes they make you feel embarrassed and you start asking yourself ‘How could I be so stupid?!’ But at the age of 30, when you go out on a cafe with some of your ex school mates, you really appreciate these moments as one of the unforgettable things in your life and the smile just shows up.

Fall in love: There is no greater experience than the first love of a teenager. It is pure and emotional and can teach you a lot of important lessons for the future. And even if you get your heart-broken, you will at least know what it feels like to be on the top of the world.

Take a road trip: Get you best friends and go on a summer holiday together. You will definitely have a lot of fun, go to clubs and hear at least one of them snoring. Which will be a great topic for a conversation while you’re having you coffee in the morning.

Get a job…any job: Picking your first job is quite a memorable experience. And even if can’t stand your summer job or you’re a bit annoyed that you boss is yelling at you much more than your own mother does, try to give your best for a couple of months. Your first job is something, which builds you as a responsible person and it is something you should never forget.

Have an epic date: Spend a wonderful evening with someone who fills your stomach with butterflies. Go to a drive-in movie, enjoy a dinner on the top of some roof of just take a walk under the summer rain. It’s all up to you and your imagination. But the result has to be one really crazy and romantic date!

Join in some festival or a carnival: Paint your face or get some wicked mask. Draw your own mustache or dress like a witch. It is the perfect time to be creative and unreasonable. Have fun and impress everyone with your own ideas.

Spend a night sleeping under the stars: Nothing is more beautiful than the night sky. Take your pals, make yourself some sandwiches (or any tasty junk food!) and spend the weekend camping in the woods. Well, your mum will probably freak out when she finds out, but it won’t be for the first time:)

Make an effort to be friend with someone completely different: Take a deep breath and invite that weird goth girl from the other class to join you for a cup of coffee. Try to be more broad-minded and free your mind of stereotypes and taboos.

Change your hair: And by ‘change’ we mean to make it completely different. Cut it somehow or make it purple for the summer. This will cheer you up and be another thing which you will later remember with a smile 🙂

Paula Sheamus is a writer and blogger from London. She likes to write about all the small moments worth remembering.


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Writer of essays, short stories and Ask A Black Girl. Author of Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down & The Half Series - When Black People Look White. Webmaster of DangerousLee.biz.


One thought on “8 Things You Should Do Before You Turn 18

  1. Some of these sound nice, but I think they make more sense as something to do before you turn 25. I wouldn’t have had any funds to take a road trip before I was 18, and at 23, I’ve yet to have an epic date.

    Posted by mishie1 | July 10, 2013, 10:46 am

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