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10 Awesome Video Games You Will Never Get A Chance To Play


The video game industry can be a real monster at times. Far too many times, a great concept for a video game gets shut down due to the evil executives that think about profit more than they think about the fans. Sometimes the plug gets pulled on games due to licensing issues or delays in development as well. Here is a look at ten awesome games that you should get a chance to play but you never will.

1. Goldeneye

Any gamer old enough to remember the N64 will remember that Goldeneye was one of the coolest games ever. Microsoft tried to bring a new version of the game to the Xbox 360, but Nintendo put the kibosh on it as they hold the rights to the original version.

2. TimeSplitters 4

Free Radical had plans to bring this game to the next generation of consoles, but they released a horribly reviewed game, Haze, that essentially destroyed their credibility with the rest of the industry.

3. Project Titan

This was to be a MMO version of Halo. You can only imagine how big it would have been if it would have ever seen the light of day. It was under development by Bungie for two years, but it unfortunately never made it out of the development stage.

4. Batman: Dark Knight

Pandemic took over the Batman franchise license from EA while they were in the midst of developing this game. While the movie version of Dark Knight was the best of the franchise, the development of the video game sputtered and was ultimately cancelled.

5. The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf

This game was a real hit on PC, but the developers of the console version, Widescreen Games, failed to meet several development deadlines. This caused their funding to be cut, and the game was put on hold indefinitely.

6. Necessary Force

The brutal action of this cop game intrigued many folks in the video game industry. However, the collapse of Midway put the development of it on hiatus.

7. Duke Nukem Forever

This game was originally announced in 1997. Over 12 long years, the game would be constantly switched to the latest 3D engine. It never was finished, disappointing legions of fans.

8. Aliens: The Crucible

An RPG for Aliens makes a lot of sense, and the announcement of this Sega-published game brought a lot of excitement to the industry. Unfortunately, Sega canceled the development in 2009 without giving any reasons.

9. Cipher Complex

The footage from this game is legendary. Full of the beautifully rendered knife fights of the game’s hero, John Cipher, it sent many fans into rapture. Unfortunately, the development was canceled for unknown reasons.

10. Star Wars Battlefront III

This game was set to finally fulfill the scope of the movies, giving players the chance to fight concurrently on several fronts. Unfortunately, delays in the development forced LucasArts to pull the plug, shutting down what had promised to be perhaps the greatest Star Wars game ever.

So Much Sadness

It really breaks your heart to think about all the amazing titles that were once in development and ultimately cancelled. There have been so many thrilling ideas for games that have never come to fruition. The thing fans need to hold onto is that there is always the chance that these concepts will one day be revived.

David Ricarte has worked as a video game commentator and blogger for the past 5 years. He recommends checking out this article to learn more about becoming a professional video game player.


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