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How Not To Get Arrested And Still Throw An Amazing College Party

Throwing the best party at college is one of the few goals of every college student. It is safe to say that if a student successfully throws a good party, he will automatically be part of the A-list. Unfortunately, cops arriving at the door and getting arrested won’t do any good. Instead, it will only lead to serious problems and life changing consequences. To that end, if you still want to throw an amazing college party, you will need to learn how to avoid getting arrested.

You can still throw a good party without getting caught, especially if your guests are willing to cooperate. In addition, you need to take care of your nosy neighbors and stop them from calling the police. What you can do is be courteous and invite them over, and make sure that your guests won’t park on their lawn or trash their mailbox. This article will offer you a basic guideline on how to lower the risks of getting arrested.

Plan The Party

You probably already know what a party needs: music, food, and drinks. Make sure that you have plenty of food to go around, especially food that can keep your guests sober throughout the duration of the party. Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure that your alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are kept cool and refreshing.
  • Properly sort out the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages so that your guests can choose whether they want to get drunk or not.
  • Start the party a couple of hours after you have the house to yourself.
  • You can ask your guests to carpool, or ask them to park their cars on a different street. If there are a lot of cars parked outside your property, it will alert people that there is an ongoing party in your property.
  • Remind your guests to park in legal parking spots. They must not block the driveways of neighbors or nearby business establishments.

Keep The Noise Down

Another tip to keep cops away from your college party is to keep the music down. You need to keep the volume moderately low so that it won’t disturb your neighbors. What you can do to keep the party going without blasting the stereos is to set up music player stations at different areas of the house while keeping the volume low on the main stereo. It is also a good idea to disconnect any large speakers before you start the party so that your guests won’t be tempted to blast the music.

Your Guests Should Be At A Legal Age

If possible, you must invite guests who are 18 years old and above. You need to understand that you can get arrested for serving alcoholic drinks to minors. You don’t want the cops to come knocking at your door and discover that you’ve been serving minors alcoholic beverages or worse, letting them smoke pot. The best way to avoid getting arrested is to not break the law in the first place.

As a tip, you can check the IDs of your guests before allowing them entry. Most clubs do this; thus, your guests are probably used to getting their ID checked. If a minor does slip from your inspection because they presented a false ID, they will have to answer for the consequences themselves.

Check Your Premises For Any Illegal Activities

This includes smoking weed and underage drinking or smoking. You need to understand that if your guests break the law while in your premises, even if you have no idea that illegal activities are ongoing, you will still be accused of being an accessory to the crime. The consequences of this legal problem may range from a simple warning to jail time. Don’t put yourself in that situation.

Respect Law Enforcers

Should cops come knocking at your door, make sure that you keep your attitude in check. Always respect law enforcers. Being confrontational or disrespectful won’t do you any good. In fact, it will only increase your chances of getting arrested. Good manners and respect can go a long way.

Do Not Give Your Consent To A Search

When the cops ask you whether they can perform a search in your premises, do not give your consent. You need to understand that if they have probable cause to believe that you have done something against the law, such as possessing illegal drugs, they can search your premises without your consent. To that end, if they ask for permission, it may mean that they don’t have probable cause but they are hoping that you are dumb enough to give your consent.

This guest post is written by Kris Bennette, a college student who offers college survival tips.




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  1. Great tips!

    Posted by amatterofinstinct | July 25, 2013, 11:25 am

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