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The Best Snack Options For Kids


There are too many quick foods available at grocery stores and markets today. Packaged foods that are processed and easy to prepare are in too many homes across the country. Fast food restaurants have become a staple in many family’s meal times. With that said, it is pretty obvious how children have become overweight and unhealthy. Parents today should focus on healthier options when it comes to meals but also for snack time. Children need snacks at least twice a day to hold them over until their regular meals so it is important to know some easy to prepare healthy snack options.

Say Cheese

Everyone loves cheese. Unless a child is lactose intolerant, cheese can be a great snack. String cheese makes a fun snack for kids because it is easy to eat. Blocks of cheese can be cut in chunks or slices. Most cheese varieties come in block form including pepper jack, cheddar, swiss, and mozzarella. Since there are many different varieties of cheese, it can be an easy choice for snack time. Not only can cheese be eaten on its own, it can also be eaten on top of a cracker or spread across celery. Kids love when cheese is cut into various shapes using a cookie cutter, too. With all the various choices, it is easy to find a way that cheese can be appealing for certain kids. However, taste and appeal are not the most important factors of cheese. It is loaded with protein so kids can receive the much needed boost of energy during their days.

Everyone Loves Jif

OK, so many people prefer Peter Pan or other brands, but everyone loves Peanut Butter. Peanut Butter is packed with protein and fiber so it is not only sweet tasting and filling, but it is also incredibly healthy. Peanut butter comes in a jar and can be spread on crackers, pretzels, apples, or celery. Pairing the spread up with something else will help add to the flavor and even incorporate a bit more vitamins and nutrients in to a child’s diet. Plus, kids love the taste of peanut butter so it is an obvious snack option. For an even more unique snack idea, try spreading peanut butter on cut up pieces of whole grain waffles!

More Than a Breakfast Food

There are kids who don’t like cereal in the mornings. Thousands of children despise eating a bowl of cereal with milk. However, parents still purchase the numerous boxes of cereal to encourage their children to try it. Kids can eat it at other times. Cereal makes a great snack option. The small pieces of certain cereal types can be poured into a small bowl along with some fresh yogurt or fruit. Children love eating snacks with their hands so cereal is a the perfect size option. Parents should make sure to only offer cereals that are high in fiber and whole wheat without added sugar.

Snacking is an important part of a child’s diet so it is wise to find menu items a child loves. Incorporating a bit a fun into a routine meal time is an excellent way to get a child to try new things that are delicious and also good for them.

Today’s guest post was provided by Jesse L., professional blogger for NewUrbanFarms.com. Jesse is an avid blogger and lover of all foods. He earned a perfect 800 on the Math S.A.T. and is currently studying Computer Science at Stanford University.


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