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Establishing An Emergency Disaster Plan


In May of this year, the entire country was shocked to hear about the aggressive tornado’s that pillaged parts of Oklahoma and Kansas. Hardest hit of course was Moore, Oklahoma where 24 people were killed and hundreds of properties destroyed. Several other tornadoes were reported in the area last month, each causing serious destruction wherever they hit. Such natural catastrophes can never be completely predicted or prepared for. However, that doesn’t mean that nothing should be done.

For those living in areas surrounding Kansas City, home security is essential. When people think of home security they often think of protecting against burglars. There is much more to it than that however. Home security means any kind of home safety, including knowing what to do in potential natural disasters. The following should help residents of Kansas prepare for whatever might come in the future.

Escaping the home

There are many situations in which one would need to be able to flee a home. It may be a fire that is spreading throughout the house, or an outside natural disaster such as a flood or earthquake. Regardless, it is important that you have a plan for how to escape if necessary. Make sure everyone in the home has a clear path to the outside, as well as a backup in case the first path is blocked. It is also essential that everyone knows where to meet when they get out of the house. Practicing escape routes as a family can be beneficial, especially for children who tend to panic in dangerous situations.

Natural disasters

It is essential to prepare for severe weather and other disasters such as floods, depending on where you live. Be sure you know what the potential threats are and pay attention to news reporting and forecasting. Everyone in the home should be able to locate emergency medical supplies and food. It might be smart to have such supplies and food stores in each person’s room in case family members are separated.


When severe natural disasters occur, it will be likely that someone will get hurt. You cannot necessarily rely on hospitals and ambulances, which will be overburdened at such a time. Have first aid kits placed throughout the home, in areas that they will most likely be used. Most accidents actually in occur in bathrooms and kitchens so have an adequate supply in those areas. Make sure everyone in the family knows basic first aid and how to use first aid kit materials.


There are numerous ways that a natural disaster such as a storm or tornado can cause a fire. Gas and electrical lines are often torn in strong winds and sparks can fly. Know how to deal with a fire in or outside the home. It is a must to have strategically placed fire extinguishers throughout the home. Everyone in the family should know exactly where they are located and how to use them. If a fire is beyond the point of extinguishing, the most important thing to do is to get out of the home and alert others of the impending danger.

Lindsey Patterson is from Cleveland, Ohio and often works as a freelance writer for Vivint, helping others with home safety and security.


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