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4 Great Hobbies For Parents And Children To Do Together

Hobbies and pastimes are a great way for children to make use of their spare time and in a lot of cases it will give your child something to pursue for the rest of their lives. The best hobbies though are those which parent and child can get involved with together in order to build a great relationship and so that the child can learn new things along the way. Another good thing about parents taking the journey with their child is that they can actively encourage good behavior and positively reinforce new experiences to enhance them even more.

So which hobbies are great for parent and child to do together? Here are a few ideas which will ultimately lead to you spending more time with your loved one.

Collecting –

The good thing about starting a collection is that you can collect practically anything depending on what your child is interested in. From stamps to toy cars and soft toys to dolls you can build your collection from scratch and create a bonding experience for the two of you. As your collection grows you will begin to feel a sense of accomplishment and it will forever be your ‘thing’.

Even when your child has grown up they will look back on your collection fondly and may even continue adding to it. By getting involved with whatever it is your child wants to collect you can share the excitement and experience.

Model Building –

Model building is a great pastime as it will fill all those rainy days that we tend to have in this country. It’s also something that you can really get stuck into doing together and you can both share the pride when you stand back and look at the finished creation. Building models will help your child develop their problem solving skills as well as teaching them how things work. They will also learn how to follow instructions in order to produce something that works.

Football –

Football is the nation’s favorite sport and one of the main reasons for this is that is accessible to practically everyone. Whether they’re technically gifted or not your child can still get a lot out of a sport like this and it’s great to show them the importance of leading an active life. A parent and child kick about in the garden is a great place to start but you could also enroll them in children’s football classes.

Even though you won’t be actively participating in these as a parent you can still be there to watch your little one hone their skills and cheer them on from the side-lines. You will be able to share in their victories and defeats along the way and help to teach them many valuable life skills that they will learn through the sport.

And this isn’t just a father and son experience either. There are many clubs that have classes for girls, and so joining a football club could be the start of your family entering into an exciting new local community.

Video Games –

Although video games may be a parent’s worst nightmare; they are a great thing for you to get involved in with your child. By joining them in their interest of all things virtual you will be able to control how much they use their games console and won’t have to worry about them playing it aimlessly for hours at a time. Video gaming has also been proven to improve important skills such as hand eye coordination, multitasking and (when played in moderation) concentration.

If you are there playing the games with them you can teach them about anything that you wouldn’t want them replicating in real life and they will begin to see it as an activity you do together and not something they spend ages playing on their own. A good tip is to keep the console in a neutral room so they can’t shut themselves away and rack up inappropriate gaming hours.

Chris Mayhew enjoyed taking part in hobbies with his parents when he was younger and believes its a vital part of a child’s development. He would recommend Sport4kids to anyone looking for football classes for their son or daughter.




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