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Top 5 Best Movies Based On Games


There have been some rather incredible movies based on video games in years past. While not all live up to their name, these are some of the very best currently out there.

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider was the desire of so many fanboys for years, as it was the only real video game that stared a female in which men would actually want to continually play. This wasn’t just because the square-pixeled character was sexy, but also because the games were fun and challenging. This is one of those characters that will be around for as long as their is gaming. While they might not make another movie, Angelina Jole seemed to be the perfect fit the title role and she really did pull off the look perfectly.

Prince of Persia

Another popular video game turned into a fun movie. While this movie was never going to go out and win an Oscar, it did feature a fun cast and just an enjoyable title for anyone who liked the video game series. This is a movie that probably would have still made some noise in the movie industry, had it not been based off of a video game.


The Hitman series of video games have grown in popularity, although it is one of the newer video game series to make the list. The movie was mostly panned by critics, but for lovers of the video game series, it really did add a good amount and justified the character as well, showcasing information and content viewers really wanted to see and experience. The character playing the title role of Agent 47 looked and portrayed the video game character perfectly, as there are very few other movie characters that look just like their video game counterparts.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil has been an established video game franchise for sometime, and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. While there is a new title out every few years, there hasn’t been a new Resident Evil movie in sometime. However, it is an entertaining horror movie for anyone who likes the video games or who enjoys the genre. It really gets the gruesome feeling and vibe correct for anyone who is wanting to compare the two kinds of movies and video games with one another. If you haven’t seen the movie but enjoy the video games, this might be a worth-wild film to pick up.

Max Payne

For lovers of the video game series, they might have been a little surprised that Mark Walhburg suited up as Max. While he had some of the same facial features and haircut, he just didn’t seem to be as huge as the video game. However, this aided more towards the reality of the movie and made it more of a success. Whenever a movie based on a video game is able to bring in a large number of big named actors, it is usually going to eventually become a box office draw. Max Payne ended up being one of the more successful video game titles in recent years and holds the potential for more.

The author has worked as a video producer for the New York Times and Google. He greatly enjoys video gaming and is always looking out for the next great gaming title.



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