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Getting Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back May Be Easier Than You Think!

For all the wonderful things that having children brings, one of the biggest downsides is the fact that your body is never the same again. Stretch marks, fat deposits and saggy skin are common complaints from women after they have had a baby, and sometimes no amount of dieting or workouts can make a difference. However, it is possible to get back the body that you have been missing so much and the answer can lay in the hands of a cosmetic surgeon. Cosmetic surgery is a drastic measure that not many women consider as a viable option for them, but times have changed and it has never been more accessible. Here are some procedures that you may be able to benefit from – could they help you get your pre-pregnancy figure back?

A Breast Lift

Pregnancy makes breasts get a lot bigger, and when it comes to breastfeeding they are put under incredible pressure. It’s rare that a woman’s breasts are not affected permanently after having children, and many women are left with saggy breasts that they hate. A simple procedure may be all you need to put things right – you will be left with perkier, fuller breasts that show no signs of having been a milk factory for months.


Sometimes fatty deposits arrive and they just won’t be shifted with dieting and exercise. In these situations, many women are opting for liposuction to remove the fatty tissue for good. It is a very simple procedure with a very quick recovery time. You will be left with a streamlined, slender figure that is back in proportion. This will boost your body confidence and your self-esteem.

Other Options, And What To Do Next

There are plenty of other options such as ‘CoolSculpting’, tummy tucks and collagen implants that you could consider. Spend a little time online reading up on the sorts of procedures that other women that have had children have undergone. If you are still interested in undergoing any sort of surgical enhancement then your next step is to book a consultation with a plastic surgeon. Choose one on recommendation so that you know you are in safe hands. Ask around to see if any of your friends know of a good one, and if they don’t then have a look online and see who comes with good testimonials and recommendations. It is recommended that you don’t undergo any sort of surgical enhancement if you are planning more children – it’s better to wait until you know your body doesn’t have to go through any more pregnancies.

Planning For The Procedure

You will need to think your procedure through carefully and talk it through with your surgeon. Book some time off work in order to give yourself plenty of time to recover, and make sure that someone is on hand to look after your child while you are out of action. The more organized you are, the less stressful the recovery time will be.
Restoring your body to its former glory is totally possible – you can be a yummy mummy!


Today’s feature writer, Ryan Parker, works at David Evdokimow, MD, a renowned plastic surgery clinic in New Jersey. His hobbies include surfing and skateboarding. Log on to drevdokimow.com to learn more about his work



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