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4 Popular Toy Brands For Girls

While children are increasingly turning to digital technology products for entertainment, the hottest toy brands continue to dominate gift lists of youngsters all around the world. Of course, the very biggest brands have long ago branched out into digital entertainment, so it is something of a self-fulfilling prophecy as you can now by the doll, figure,

Nintendo DS game, iPod theme, DVD collection, and everything else that can possible be branded, licensed, and have a logo slapped onto it.

We looked at the top five brands when it comes to girls toys, why they have proven so successful, and whether any competitors are on the horizon potentially waiting to steal their thunder.


DollsBarbie is an iconic brand around the world. The perfect example of how a toy can grow into something much bigger, while Barbie toys continue to be released, the cartoons, films, computer games, and real life associations with the brand have also become a part of modern society. She even had a starring role in the Toy Story 3 movie!

Despite criticism that Barbie represents exactly what society doesn’t want younger girls to aspire to, it remains a favorite with girls from the age of three or four right up until they’re approaching their teenage years.

Many competitors have tried to take on Barbie in recent years, some of which we’ll see further down this list. However, traditional doll toy brands like A Girl for All Time are likely to prove the biggest source of competition for Barbie in future years as parents go back to the past when shopping for toys.

In My Pocket

This brand quickly expanded from Puppy in My Pocket to Kitty, before launching a variety of play sets featuring environments from across the world, while also adding further animals.

It perhaps isn’t the dominant name that Barbie is, but this brand does have cartoons and various other media behind it. If it suffers from one problem, it’s that the novelty of In My Pocket toys can quickly wear off, particularly as children grow up. Despite this, it remains a popular choice for children around the world.

Disney Princess

Disney Princess is interesting, as it is a modern brand but with obvious direct links to the history of Disney. It is notable that the bestselling Disney Princess dolls tend to be those from the older movies, while dress up toys from this brand are also popular, particularly as some of them aren’t too over the top and can easily be worn to parties and special occasions.

Zhu Zhu Pets

If someone said to you four years ago that mechanical hamsters would become a world-beater in terms of toy sales, you would, with some justification, have laughed at them. We did, and we must admit that we’re not laughing now. The success of this brand, which has gone past hamsters and now includes puppies, babies, and ‘Kung Zhu.’

This brand has done well because of it being aimed at boys as well as girls, too.

At least one of these toy brands will be a fixture in most girls’ bedrooms around the world. Their popularity has endured for many reasons, but it is their ability to inspire creative play that is by far their biggest attribute.

Brett is interested in the psychology of shopping and how leading toy brands inspire children to buy both in store and online. Brett finds it remarkable that many brands and retailers fail to realize that it is usually parents, and not children, who are the decision makers when it comes to toy purchases.




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