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A Guide To Toddler Proofing Your Home


As soon as your child begins to crawl, you should start looking at ways to make your home a safer, toddler-friendly place. All parents already know that it is impossible to constantly watch young child as they roam around the house, and that minor accidents are almost inevitable. Making small changes to your home and installing safety equipment can prevent your little one from having a dangerous accident. Follow this guide to find areas to target when making your home a child-friendly property that your toddler will love to play in-

In the Kitchen

From an early age, you should begin to teach your child that the kitchen is not an area for play, and that its appliances are not toys. By subtly discouraging your child from playing in the kitchen, you greatly reduce the risk of accidents within the home.

It can be difficult to prevent a curious toddler from roaming around the family home, so even if it is clear that the kitchen is not a play room, you will still want to install some safety equipment, like hob and oven knob covers, and a hob guard will keep little fingers from getting burnt.

 In the Bedroom

You want to ensure that your child has a safe, comfortable night’s sleep, and there are many ways to childproof their bedroom. If your child has transitioned from a cot to a toddler bed, then you may want to install some bedrails to stop your child from falling on the floor whilst sleeping.

 If the bedroom window has blinds, then you will either want to replace these with thick curtains, or buy a blind cord windup. The cords of a blind can be very hazardous to a small child, so using a windup keeps the cord out of arms reach preventing accidents.

In the Bathroom

Another room to discourage your child from playing in, the bathroom can be very tempting to an inquisitive toddler, especially in the lead up to, and during potty training. With medicines, razors and other hazardous items kept in bathrooms, using cupboards with a lock or latch will keep these items out of your child’s way.

Keep little ones from playing with the toilet by using a toilet lock to keep the lid firmly down, stopping contact with unhygienic water or even flushing household items.  Bath time is always fun for young children, so make sure it is safe by using rubber bath mats to create a non-slip surface in your tub.

In the Garden

Having a garden for your toddler to play in can be wonderful throughout the year. With the wealth of outdoor toys available for toddlers and families, you can turn your garden into a play park, making it extremely fun for your children. During warmer days, you may be spending the most of your time in the garden with your toddler splashing around in a paddling pool, or using your outdoor playing equipment. Laying down a non-slip play surface before filling your pool or building your equipment will help prevent slips and falls whilst enjoying the garden.


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