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Top 5 Board Games To Play For Precious Family Moments


Autumn is the most beautiful season of the year. There is some mystical romance in every golden sunset; in every fallen tree leaf or a raindrop. This is the time when our children leave the summer pranks behind, since we expect them to be much more organized and responsible. And the school year knocks on the front door! However, the weekends remain untouched. They are still the perfect time to spend some time with our families and kids and forget about the daily problems at work. But what could make these two days even more attractive? How can we possibly make everyone get involved into something, since they are all spending hours and hours in front of the TV or the computer. Our answer is – board games! Yes, we know that this was popular a couple of decades ago. But the truth is that board games have never lost their charm. They are just as attractive and entertaining as they were when we were young. Here we offer you five of the best board games of all times.


Classic! With this game you will not only have fun, but you will also develop your logical thinking. It is terrific for teaching your children spelling, spatial relations and logic. This is the best word board game of all times.


That’s right, ‘Sorry!’. This is one of the most fascinating family board games. It is based on the ancient Cross and Circle game Pachisi. All the players are supposed to travel around the board with their pieces. The name of the game comes from the many ways in which you can negate the progress of the other players. And, of course, after that you will have to say a big, smiling ‘Sorry!’.

Settlers of Catan                              

Number three of our list is for a game, completely different from any other board game. It is not one of the most popular, but it is definitely one of the best. Seafarers, knights, cities and barbarians. With this game you will spend a lot of precious moments. It is perfect for four or six players. Why we think it is suitable for a family board game? Because it spans the age gap between young and adults, offering both of them an exciting challenge. Good luck !


The silver medal goes to Twister. This is a game of physical skills. It is one of the most popular board games all over the world and our personal favorite. However, it is appropriate for the younger members of your family, since twisting around the living room may not be your grandpa’s cup of tea.


Undoubtedly, Monopoly is the world’s most popular board game. Its names comes from the economic concept of monopoly and it has inspired a huge number of similar board games. It is suitable for any family to spend their spare time and have a lot  of fun. All you need is luck, strategy and, of course, a winning inspiration.

AuthorBio: Jessica is a family girl. She loves to spend time with her niece.

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