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Beating Back Fall: Last Minute Summer Activities For The Whole Family


Summer isn’t over just because the kids are back in school. Seriously, technically fall doesn’t begin until Sunday, September 22. There’s plenty of time to get in some last minute summer activities before for fall really appears and the temperatures begin to drop. With activities and sports beginning sure it’s hard to getaway for a major vacation, but there are plenty of fun family activities that you can do in a day.

Visit a Museum

A museum is the perfect thing to do on a day that may be a bit cool. Children’s museums or Science museums offer great hands-on activities for your kids. They can either take a full day or half, which is great because you’re probably doing this during the weekend.

Play day with friends

The great thing about school being back in session is you know friends are around. Set up a play date with some of your kid’s friends who you haven’t over the summer. It’s a great way for kids to connect and if you’re friends with the parents a great way for you to reconnect or make new friends.

Go to the Pool

September still offers plenty of warm days. I you have one, take advantage and get to your neighborhood pool. A day at the pool offers a great break from school.

Lemonade Stand

Help your kids set up a lemonade stand. While you’re working in the yard prepping that for fall and winter, have the kids selling lemonade. This offers a creative way for your kids to have fun and earn a few pennies.

A Family Bike Ride

Whether it’s finding a trail somewhere or just a ride through your neighborhood, a family bike ride is a great way to get in one more summer activity. Pack a lunch and make a whole day, find a park to play in and then ride home.

Backyard Camp Out

Did you get that family camping trip in this summer? If not, here’s your chance. Set up your tent in the backyard, have a campfire and roast marshmallows. Evenings may start to get a little chilly, so dress warm. A night of ghost stories and laughter are a great way to get a trip without leaving the house.

Fly a Kite

September offers a nice breeze and that means it’s great weather for flying a kite. Find a nice park and pack a lunch, make it a day.

Backyard Movie

The classic drive-in may be something that your kids won’t be able to experience. Try and set one up in your backyard. Get a big sheet and hang it either on the side of your house or you can project the movie on to your house. Invite some neighbors, make some snacks and have an evening to remember. The kids will love the night they went to the “drive-in.”

Fall is a long way off. Keep up the summer fun even though the hustle and bustle of school has started, get in a few last minute activities and make your summer last as long as possible.


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